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   Chapter 219 Ride The Roller Coaster

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Updated: 2020-05-13 00:24

"Harold? Harold? What are you looking at? " Seeing Harold ignored her, Millay asked unhappily.

"I'm looking for someone!" Harold replied.

"Are you looking for Aunt Rachel? You two are separated?" Millay asked curiously.


The amusement park was so big that there were many vendors selling cotton candy. Recalling what had happened just now, Wendy asked the staff beside, "Excuse me, which direction should the bumper car go?"

"Oh, you can go straight this way and turn right."

"Okay, thank you."

Knowing the route, Wendy immediately trotted over. It had been a long time since she came back. Harold should be anxious.

When she approached, she saw Harold in the crowd. Wait, why was Millay with him?

Wendy didn't doubt her relationship with Harold. She had faith in the two of them. After thinking for a while, Wendy trotted to him and said, "Harold!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Harold turned back in a hurry. Before he could see clearly, Wendy threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly, saying in an aggrieved tone, "I'm sorry. I haven't come back for so long. Are you worried about me?"

"Yes! Why did you come back so late? " Harold asked with a sigh of relief.

Wendy looked up at him and said shyly, "I got lost just now."

Looking at the two people embracing each other in front of her, Millay took two steps back in disbelief.

Last year, Millay was surprised to see the two of them dancing at the party, but now she was almost scared to death when she saw the two embracing each other.

Millay had never seen such a gentle side of Harold before.

But she didn't expect that there would be something more excessive. Then she seemed to be ignored by Harold and Wendy, chatting with each other.

Noticing that her hair was a little strange, Wendy reached out her hand and touched it. "Ah! Cotton candy is on my hair!"

Harold finally came to his senses and looked at the marshmallow in his hand. Just now, Wendy rushed over so fast that he didn't hav

y the roller coaster!"


The two of them clasped their fingers and walked quickly towards the roller coaster. Behind them, Millay looked up at the people who were screaming not far away and swallowed with fear.

Millay took a deep breath and followed up.

Harold again bought only two tickets, and Millay had to pay for the ticket herself.

The group of people who screamed just now got out of the roller coaster, and some of them couldn't bear to run to the trees nearby and vomit crazily.

Millay was disgusted so badly by them that she covered her mouth and began to retch.

Wendy liked such exciting things. She happily took Harold's hand and sat on the seat. Millay nervously grabbed the hem of her clothes and sat on it after thinking for a while.

The roller coaster started slowly and climbed up slowly. Millay was too scared to look down. It was too high.

Looking at the excited girl beside him, Harold couldn't help smiling.

"Swish!" The roller coaster suddenly fell. The feeling of weightlessness scared the people on the roller coaster to scream.

"Ahhh!" Millay's mind went blank. Before she could see clearly what was in front of her, it flashed quickly and she screamed.

Wendy was not afraid at all. The wind blew her face. She looked at Harold excitedly and shouted, "Harold, I love you!"

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