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   Chapter 218 A World Of Two

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When Harold came to the dining hall, he saw that Wendy was filling the meal for everyone with a sweet smile on her fair face. Seeing that she was very happy, Harold couldn't help but smile.

Wendy was filling a bowl of rice while Harold came over to take a spoonful of soup. A man and a woman were standing together. The scene was very beautiful.

As soon as Rachel and Sheridan came over, they saw this scene. Excitedly, she held her husband's hand and whispered, "Look at them! They are a perfect match! "

"They are indeed a perfect match!" Sheridan took Rachel's hand and sat down.

Rachel waved her hand and called, "Wendy, don't be busy. Come and have dinner!"

"Auntie Rachel, please eat first. We're almost done." Then, the two of them walked out of the kitchen with several bowls of soup in their hands.

The two sat down and everyone chatted happily while eating.

Occasionally, Sheridan asked about the recent situation of Wendy's company. When he heard that she was methodically introducing the company's current trouble and their response plan, he nodded with satisfaction and praised, "Not bad!"

Rachel picked up a piece of meat and put it in Sheridan's bowl. "Oh, let's talk about something else. Don't talk about the company every time you go home!"

After that, Rachel turned to look at Wendy and complained, "Wendy, you don't know that when there were only three of us at home before, they had to discuss business at the dinner table after work. I was so depressed! I don't understand the business. It's not easy for you to come here now. You three can't continue to discuss business and leave me alone."

"Ha ha, okay!" Wendy nodded with a smile.

After dinner, they came to the living room to watch TV. Rachel began to try her best to create a world of two for Wendy and Harold.

"Harold! It's not easy for Wendy to come to the capital. Why don't you take her out for fun? " Suggested Rachel.

Wendy also looked at Harold expectantly, but he frowned and looked at Rachel. "Where is it fun?"

"Pfft! Ahem! " Rachel had forgotten that her son used to stay at home and rarely

oked at the marshmallow nearby and said, "It's delicious too! I haven't eaten it for a long time! Harold, I want to eat this! Go and buy it. I'll throw the stick of the tomatoes into the trash can."

"Okay, take care." Harold walked up to the queue and waited for the marshmallow.

Wendy began to look for the trash can in the crowd. There were so few trash cans in the huge amusement park.

After a long time, she finally found the trash can. With a frown, Wendy looked around and began to recall where the marshmallow was sold.

After buying the marshmallow, Harold turned his head but not to see Wendy. He waited still for about five minutes, but he didn't see her back.

Harold was a little anxious. It seemed that Wendy was not familiar with the capital city and didn't bring any money with her.

"Eh? Harold! " A figure rushed over quickly. Millay asked in surprise, "Oh my God! It's really you, Harold. I thought I was wrong! Why are you here? Do you accompany your mother to come here?"

After saying that, Millay chuckled and said, "I didn't expect that you would come to the amusement park!"

Harold glanced at Millay, ignored her and continued to look around.

He wanted to look for Wendy, but when he remembered that the two of them had agreed to wait here, he was worried that once he left here, Wendy would not see him after she came back, so he could only stand here anxiously.

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