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   Chapter 213 Patent Infringement

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"Uncle Albert, don't be sad." Wendy comforted him.

"It's okay. I just exclaimed. Aren't you going to take the monthly exam? You must be very busy recently. Do you have time to come over here? "

Wendy explained, "I happened to see a new Jason Motors car on my way home today. I was worried that you might not know it, so I came over immediately."

"I've asked the staff of the Justice Department to prepare for it. Don't worry. You can focus on your study."

"Okay, I'll go back first. Goodbye, Uncle Albert." Wendy waved her hand.

"Okay, bye."

After going back, Wendy called Harold about it and asked him to help contact the media in the capital city.

She planned to make it a big deal. She wanted to let the people not only in Y City but all over the country know the existence of Summer Motor Company.

This was a piece of cake for Harold. After hanging up the phone, he immediately sent someone to contact the media reporters of the biggest domestic television. The car plagiarism was quite novel. After receiving the news, the reporters immediately began to go to Y City for a secret investigation.

Jason thought Albert would do something after the fight with him in the underground parking lot that day, but the Summer Group was very calm these days.

The director smiled and said, "Mr. Jason, don't worry! The Summer Group should have known their identity and the gap between their small company and our Jason Group, so they don't dare to fight against us head on."

Besides, even if they want to make a scene, I have arranged the media. They won't talk nonsense! Ha-ha! "

Jason took a sip of tea and smiled, "You're right!"

"Then I'll go back to work."


Holding the financial statements on the table, Jason laughed happily, "Albert, you don't deserve to fight against me."

Unfortunately, not long after Jason was happy, the secretary led a man in uniform to enter the chairman's office.

The secretary nervously introduced, "Mr. Jason, this is the staff of the court."

"Court?" Jason asked in confusion, "Well, what's up?"

the car body."

"Well, the design is not revised at all?" The lawyer was also confused.

"No! It didn't change at all! At that time, I just wanted to make a car the same as theirs. I didn't think so much! " Jason asked anxiously, "lawyer, can we win this case?"

The lawyer didn't expect such a situation. He smiled awkwardly and said, "I think we can win. Don't worry, Mr. Jason."

After the lawyer left, Jason picked up the tea cup on the tea table, feeling anxious and angry. He took a sip of the tea and was so angry that he threw the cup on the ground.

The teacup fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Hearing the noise, the secretary hurried over and swept away the ceramic fragments on the ground.

Jason cursed, "Albert, this is your trap! I just wonder why you left so easily that day. I see! It's not that easy to laugh at me! "

Jason had a few bites of food at home after a restless day. He turned on the TV, and the Domestic Central TV news just broadcast that Jason Motors plagiarized the Summer Motor Company car.

The reason was that someone bought a Summer Motor Company car. When he went to and off duty, he saw that the Jason Motors car was exactly the same as his. He was very confused about this matter. He didn't know who plagiarized whose car model, so he called the reporters of the Domestic Central TV, hoping they could investigate it.

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