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   Chapter 210 Waiting

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The female employee couldn't help but get angry. She broke out into curses, "It's fucking bullshit! When did we Summer Motors cooperate with Jason! It really pissed me off! They were plagiarizing! Plagiarized! That's too much! "

After saying that, the female employee rolled up her sleeves, as if she was going to fight in Jason Group.

The colleague grabbed her arm and comforted her, "Calm down. Don't be impulsive."

"How can I calm down? Their Jason Group's car is so ugly so they intentionally plagiarized our car. If they lower the price, others will definitely choose to buy their cars!" The female employee cursed angrily.

"It's useless for us to argue with them in Jason Group. We'd better report it to the manager as soon as possible. He and the leaders will discuss countermeasures."

"Yes! He is right. It's useless for us to be anxious! Let's go and tell the manager about it! "

The woman calmed down and nodded, "Okay!"

When the manager heard the report from his subordinates, he asked in surprise, "Really? The new car of Jason is exactly the same as ours? Are you sure? "

"Yes! as like as two peas! It's impossible for us to make a mistake at the same time! " The colleague said angrily.

The manager looked at the other employees, who nodded in a hurry. He said seriously, "Okay, I see! I'll go to the headquarter right now! You can go to work now! "


The manager immediately left the 4S shop for the Summer Group. On his way there, he had also seen the new car of the Jason Group in person. If he hadn't seen the logo, he would have thought that it was a Summer Motor Company car!

The manager reported the matter to the director with a long face. The director immediately went to the chairman's office and told Albert what his subordinates found.

"Mr. Albert, Jason Group has gone too far. What should we do?"

Albert sighed, "I see. You can leave now."

"Well, okay." The director wanted to say something more, but seeing Albert's sad face, he had to leave.

Silence returned to the chairman's office. He looked out of the window, hi

The assistant asked, "Do you still want to stay here and wait for him to leave before you get off work?"

"That's all I can do. What else can I do?" Jason said with a frown.

The reception room was made of glass. As long as he left the company, he would definitely be seen by Albert.

If he had known this would happen, he would not have asked people to make the wall of the reception room all glass. It was really annoying.

The assistant frowned and said, "but Mr. Jason, aren't you going to attend Mr. Wan's birthday party tonight?"

"Oh! Right! How can I forget it? " Jason said as he shook his legs anxiously.

He could know a lot of people at Mr. Wan's birthday party. He didn't want to miss it, but Albert stayed downstairs all the time. He didn't want to see Albert.

After hesitating for a while, he said, "Send a bottle of wine to Mr. Wan and tell him that I can't go there because I have something to do. Say sorry to him.

"Okay, I see." The assistant nodded and said.

There were few people left in the company. Albert didn't leave, so Jason couldn't leave.

At nine o'clock in the evening, the security guards went upstairs to patrol.

Jason waved his hand and asked, "Is there anyone else in the reception room?"

"Yes! Mr. Albert of the Summer Group is still there. Mr. Jason, aren't you going to see him? He has been waiting for you." The guard asked.

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