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   Chapter 208 Have Taken Action

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Wendy and Ken agreed with each other and started to set up a new company immediately.

As Wendy was still a student, she had to ask Ken to be the legal person. She would go to the industrial and commercial bureau to change the legal person after she reached adulthood.

Harold was also busy with his work, so she could only see him at night when she went to bed.

The new company was still in the preparation stage. The sales of Summer Motor Company car had been rising continuously since it had relieved from the public criticism. With the help of Albert, Wendy felt relieved and everything was going well.

After about a month, Harold finally finished his work, and Wendy also left the UK with him.

Unfortunately, the new semester was about to begin. She didn't have time to visit Harold's parents in the capital. The two could only say goodbye at the airport.

Wendy walked out of the airport happily. A voice of doubt came from behind, "Eh? Wendy? "

It was Derek's voice! Why was he here?

Derek had come up, so she couldn't pretend not to hear him. She had to stop and turn back to look at her father, and said indifferently, "Yes."

"Why are you here?" Derek asked in confusion.

Wendy explained calmly, "I went to K City to visit my mother. I didn't come back until today."

"Oh, I see." Derek sighed, "I've been too busy recently. I almost forget that you have a holiday. Let's go back to Y City together!"

"Well, no. Jared is waiting for me."

"We haven't seen each other for a long time. It's time for us the father and daughter to get together." Derek looked at Wendy sadly and said softly, "Okay?"

Wendy shook her head and said, "You are so busy. Don't waste time to have a get-together with me. I have something else to do. I have to go now."

After that, Wendy quickened her pace. With a slight bow to Derek, Jared quickly followed her.

"Wendy... Alas! " Derek sighed helplessly.

At the Xie family's house, Alina dialed a number anxiously. After a whi

k from a business trip. Why don't you have dinner at home? How about I prepare a bath water for you? Wash yourself? "

"No, thanks."

Derek passed by Alina indifferently and didn't want to say one more word to her.

Jade asked discontentedly, "Where are you going for dinner if you don't eat at home? What have you been doing all year! I can hardly see you! "

"I'm busy with my work." Derek explained as he went upstairs.

Seeing that Derek had no intention of stopping and explaining to her, Jade was furious and said, "Is Derek still angry with me because of that little bitch?"

"No! Derek must be too busy recently. Mom, didn't you see how tired he was just now? Please understand him!"

"Alas! You are the only one who is still defending him!" Jade shook her head angrily and said, "I really don't know what that bitch said to Derek that made him talk to us in this attitude! Enough!

Alina comforted Jade happily. She began to expect that Derek would take back his heart as long as Sara died! As long as!

Wendy came back to the villa. After she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she began to draw design drawings and design the structure of the racing simulator.

The moon outside the window slowly climbed up the sky, and several drawings had been placed on the right side of the desk unconsciously.

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