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   Chapter 207 New Company

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"Perfect! Perfect! Great! " The photographer shouted while taking photos.

Wendy took out a chocolate from her pocket, opened the package and put it into her mouth. The taste of sweetness filled her mouth. She smiled sweetly at the camera.

"OK!" The photographer shouted. He hurriedly clicked the playback button to watch the scene just shot. The more he saw, the more satisfied he became. He asked again, "Can we take more pictures of the process of taking off the helmet?"

This was a normal request. Wendy smiled and said, "Of course you can."

She took several more photos in cooperation, and the photographer grinned from ear to ear. After shooting the advertisement, they had to shoot a poster. It was not easy to move the racing car to the GN building, so they had to build a simple studio on the spot.

In her previous life, Wendy had endorse a lot of things, so she knew how to pose in front of the camera.

Standing in the corner and looking at the girl who was free and unrestrained in front of the camera, Harold couldn't help smiling.

The more he knew about her, the more he found that the girl in front of him made him unable to take his eyes off her.

After a busy day, the commercial was finally finished. She moved her neck tiredly.

The careful Harold walked up and asked, "How's your neck?"

"Well, my neck is a little sore!" Wendy said coquettishly.

Harold naturally raised his hand to massage Wendy's neck.


Harold stopped what he was doing and asked in a hurry, "What's wrong?"

"Ouch, it hurts."

"I'll press it more slightly." As he spoke, Harold slowed down his strength and slowly helped Wendy move her shoulders.

After resting for a while, they went back to the hotel.

After dinner, Wendy lay prone on the bed, while Harold was massaging her.

"Harold, how many more days will you stay here?" Wendy asked with concern.

Harold replied, "I don't know. I don't know when I will go back."

"Oh, I see. I'll stay with you! Anyway, I don't have anything to do now! " Wendy said with a bright smile.

Hearing the delightful laughter, Harold said softly, "Okay."

There was nothing important to do in the company now. She didn't w


However, the price was many times lower than driving a real F1 racing car, and the racing simulator was almost intact. It could sustain training and was cheap and good.

After listening to Wendy's description, Ken opened his mouth wide in surprise and asked, "Wendy, how did you come up with this racing simulator?"

"What? Well... " Wendy nearly let the cat out of the bag. She came up with a sudden idea and smiled, "I have a good relationship with William. He once told me that the Royal Duke usually trained with a racing simulator."

"What a good thing! I'm just curious about how the F1 team can hold on to the training like that. It turns out that there is a race track simulator! " Ken said with a smile.

"I'm planning to run a company to produce racer simulators. On the one hand, it can provide training for us, and on the other hand, it can be sold to other racing car lovers."

Ken disagreed, "Sold to others? I don't think it's a good idea. Racing cars are still very unpopular in our country, and few people know about it. "

"There will be a day that it becomes a hot thing. It will be too late to do it then!" Said Wendy confidently.

After she was reborn, she knew clearly when there was a rush of racing in domestic market. At that time, there were many race tracks in the country, and there were also many companies selling racer simulators.

She was very optimistic about the future market! Soon, in one or two years!

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