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   Chapter 204 Be Smarter

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"Let's go."

"Where are we going?" Asked Wendy.

"Go to see their boss!"

Harold walked up and asked coldly, "Take me to see your boss."

"Well, okay!"

The staff led Harold to the chairman's office. Jared was dragging Sam behind, who was tied up.

An employee passed by and saw Sam being dragged all the way. She asked in confusion, "What's going on?"

The staff was too embarrassed to explain, so they could only say vaguely, "You can go to work. I don't have time to explain to you."

Soon, Sam was beaten up and dragged all the way to the chairman's office. The news spread all over the GN.

The chairman of GN had also heard what had just happened. He frowned with dissatisfaction. "This Sam is really making trouble for me!"

"Mr. Edmund, what should we do now?"

"Tell them that I'm not here. Give them some money as Vivien's mental damage compensation. Let them go!" The chairman didn't take it seriously. He lowered his head and continued to read the documents in his hands.

"Mr. Edmund, that person seems to have some status. They shouldn't take the money seriously." The secretary explained.

"Oh? Status? Who is it?"

"They didn't tell me, and I don't know either."

The chairman frowned and thought for a while. He had no choice but to say, "Okay, bring them in if they come."

"Yes, sir!"

Soon, Wendy and the others came to the chairman's office.

He looked them up and down and fixed his eyes on Harold. Judging from the way he dressed, he did look like a person of some status.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" In fact, the chairman had already known their purpose, but he pretended not to know what had just happened.

Harold took out his business card from his pocket and handed it over.

The chairman took the business card. He was afraid that he couldn't understand it, but he didn't expect that it was all in English. He glanced at it and widened his eyes in surprise. "HX Group? Are you the manager of the HX Group?"


They had a project to cooperate with the

you be smarter? Racing is something that ordinary people can't afford! " The chairman scolded angrily.

"What should we do now? Are you really going to put me in jail? No, please don't send me to prison! " Sam shouted anxiously.

Hearing Sam's cry, the chairman was so annoyed that he said, "It's imperative for us to cooperate with the HX Group! This is the best chance for us to enter CN country! I don't want to miss this opportunity! "

"Who knows you have caused such a thing to me! Mr. Harold has said that he won't cooperate with us if you don't go to jail! What should I do! What about the company? "

Sam was regretting badly. Just now, Wendy punched him so hard that he felt a sharp pain in his nose as soon as he breathed.

"How about you take me to the hospital first? My nose hurts and my head hurts." Sam whined.

The chairman had no choice but to call someone to send his brother to the hospital as soon as possible.

After Wendy and others returned to the hotel, Jared said, "Mr. Harold, please wait a moment. I'll get you a room."

"No need to do so."

"What?" Jared looked at him in confusion.

With his eyes fixed on Wendy, Harold said, "I can live in Wendy's room."

"Uh... Okay. " With a weird look on his face, Jared turned to look at Harold and then at Wendy, who was pleasantly surprised, and left silently.

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