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   Chapter 202 Wendy Is Missing

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Sam smiled evilly, smelled his hand and exclaimed, "Ah! It smells so good! "

Wendy glanced at the dressing room. The door was closed. The staff who followed her at the beginning wasn't here!

She was not a fool. She knew what kind of situation she was in at a glance!

Wendy shook off Sam's hand and looked at him coldly. "Sorry! I won't shoot this advertisement for chocolate!"

After saying that, Wendy turned around and walked quickly towards the dressing room. Sam walked up, grabbed her hand tightly and pulled her back.

"Hey, you want to break the contract? Are you willing to pay three times the liquidated damages? Huh? " Sam smiled evilly, "Vivien, do you want to enter the entertainment industry? I have a lot of resources. You are so cute. I can totally make you famous! Then you don't have to race cars anymore! "

"Being a star is much more profitable than racing! What do you think? " Sam teased.

"I'm sorry! I'm not interested in being a star! Go away! " Wendy shook off Sam's hand and punched at Sam's nose.


Sam's nose was so painful that he couldn't control his facial expression. His face was twisted and he reached out to touch his nose gently.

A stream of hot liquid flowed out of his nose. He raised his hand and saw that his hand was full of bright red blood.

"Blood! How dare you hit me! Bitch!" Sam reached out angrily and tried to grab Wendy's hair.

She took a few steps back agilely. The dress was too short. If she moved a little more, she would go naked.

This completely restricted Wendy's performance. If she was wearing normal casual clothes now, she would directly kick Sam away.

Sam wiped his nose randomly and was about to rush over to slap Wendy. She grabbed the mirror, comb and makeup box around and threw them to him.

Jared drove Harold to GN Company. The staff of the Brand Department received a phone call and hurried downstairs to bring Harold up.

Harold asked, "Where is Wendy?"

"She is eati

artment asked in confusion, "What? Didn't you say that Vivien was in the lounge! Why did you lie to me? "

Jared stopped her, "Don't ask about it now! The most important thing is to find Miss Wendy!"

"Take us to the dressing room! How dare you play tricks on me this time! Don't blame me for treating you badly, humph!" Said Harold harshly.

"Okay, okay, I'll take you there now!" The staff stumbled outside while gasping for breath.

On the way, a colleague saw her strange expression and came up to ask her what was wrong. She could only hold on a smile and shake her head. "No, nothing!"

They walked quickly towards the dressing room.

In the dressing room, Wendy and Sam continued to tangle. The dress was too short for Wendy to quickly subdue Sam but she was so agile that Sam could not catch her.

The two of them walked around the room as if they were playing a game.

"Bitch! How dare you! " The more Sam ran away, the angrier he became. He grabbed a vase and threw it at Wendy.

She turned around and dodged. The vase hit the wall with a loud sound, and the ceramic fragments fell to the ground.

Wendy carefully avoided the debris and ran away.

Seeing that Wendy's movement became slower, Sam immediately understood and began to throw the vase to the floor in front of Wendy as before.

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