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   Chapter 197 Three Times The Compensation

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The employee wanted to say something more, but Leon asked coldly, "What's wrong? If there is something wrong with your car, return the money back to me! What do you mean! Do you know any law? "

Hearing the noise, several employees not far away also came over.

Leon looked at his friend who tipped him a wink. He frowned, pointed at the employees and shouted, "What are you doing? You want to fight? I'm not afraid of you!"

"Calm down, sir. We didn't mean that."

"What do you mean! You want to fight with me, don't you! Humph! I'm not afraid of you! " Leon rolled up his sleeves and pushed the employee standing in front of him.

The employee took a few steps back before he could stand firm. Suddenly, he was pushed by someone, which made him a little angry.

However, the long-term training made him have a good professional quality. He suppressed the anger in his heart and explained again, "Sir, please calm down first."

"Calm down? If you want me to calm down, then give me the money! How dare I drive out if there is something wrong with your car! "

"Our car is absolutely of good quality!"

"The inspection department has come to investigate you, but you still refuse to admit it! Don't talk so much nonsense with me. Return the money quickly, or I will smash your place!"


"Why are you so noisy?" A girl's voice suddenly came from behind them, and everyone turned their heads by reflex.

Seeing that Wendy and Albert were standing behind them, several angry employees quickly calmed down and took a step back. "Mr. Albert."

Albert nodded and looked at Leon, "What are you arguing for?"

"This customer wanted to return the car, but he pushed Andrew without saying anything." An employee explained.

Hearing their conversation, Leon's face was a little stiff. He looked at the man beside him, as if asking him what they should do now that their boss came!

The man walked behind him and said in a low voice, "Don't care about him. Just say that you want to return the car! If they

lance video right now."

In front of the computer, the technical staff slowly played the video. Wendy and Albert opened their eyes and carefully studied the video.

When the video was put at the place where Leon pushed the employees, the two men reached out to touch their bags.

"There is something in their bags!" Wendy said firmly, "These two people may be taking photos or recording the sound secretly. It seems that they want to continue make fake evidence to slander us!"

"Should we strike first? We can't let them slander us!" Albert frowned and said.

"Yes!" Wendy looked at Jared and asked, "Is there anything wrong with those people from the inspection department?"

Jared shook his head, "No problem! They are not Jason's men!"

"That's good! Uncle Albert, I think the plan you mentioned today is okay. "

"What? What plan?"

"Wait for the inspection department's report. If they make sure that our car is really of bad quality, then pay them three times the price! Let's announce this plan to the public, so as to stabilize the customers' heart!" Wendy explained, "And I'll ask Harold to make an announcement about the HX Group buying our cars."

"Okay! Then they won't be able to discredit us!" Albert nodded and smiled, "I'll arrange it right away."


In the Jason Group, two journalists came to the office.

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