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   Chapter 196 Return

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Soon, Harold picked up the phone. With a frown, Wendy asked, "Harold, did you buy five hundred cars?"

Harold answered, "Yes! What's wrong?"

"Why did you buy so many cars? Is it because the car in our company can't be sold now?"

"No, my company just needs to buy some cars for the managers of the branch companies. The Summer Motor Company car is not only cost-effective, but also has a beautiful model. It meets our requirements, so I bought it. " Harold knew what Wendy was worried about. He comforted her, "Don't think too much. These five hundred cars are really needed by my company."

After listening to Harold's explanation, Wendy breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid that Harold spend too much money for her. That's not a good deal.

"Okay, I know!" Wendy said with a smile.

After hanging up the phone, Wendy told the truth to Albert. He felt relieved. "Although the sales volume of this month has been greatly reduced, it doesn't have a big impact on us. But Mr. Harold's really making a big order in time!"

Wendy smiled, "And we can also use this big order to publicize our company!"

"Ha-ha, Wendy, we are thinking about the same thing!" Albert looked at Wendy with appreciation.

On the second day, the news that the HX Group bought five hundred Summer Motor Company cars spread out. All the media in the city were watching the movements of the Summer Group. Now that they knew the news, they immediately rushed to report.

"Wow! Did the HX Group also buy the car of the Summer Group? Don't they know that the quality of Summer Motor Company cars is not good recently?"

"I think they know it. Big companies like the HX Group will investigate everything in advance. It's impossible for them to buy so many cars in a hurry!"

"I think so too! When the scandal of Summer Motor Company is exposed, the HX Group still buys their car. Can it prove that the quality of Summer Motor Company car is not bad?"

"Wow, that's possible!"

"Five hundred cars! The HX Group is really generous!"

Jason was shocked by the news. "How is that possible?

e Summer Motor Company were so talkative that they persuaded me to come back."

"So I give you a car this time. You can return it without hesitation! If they still don't want you to return the car this time, you can deliberately quarrel with them. At that time, I will ask the reporters to follow you and pretend to be your friends. You can take some photos of your physical contact."

"Is... Is it good?" Leon didn't expect that Jason would ask for more. He had never done such a thing, so he was a little worried.

Seeing that Leon had retreated, Jason hurriedly said, "Don't worry. I will send someone to protect you and never let you get hurt! How about this? I promise you that I will guarantee to keep your car in good repair for five years. What do you think? "

It's under repair for five years! It was a good deal! Every time the car was scratched or hit, the maintenance fee would make his heart ache to death! It was a good deal!

Leon thought for a while and took a deep breath, "Okay!"

"Then I'll wait for your good news!" Jason lit a cigarette and smiled happily.

In the Summer Motor Company's 4S store, three men came over and said they wanted to return the car.

The employee stepped forward to persuade them. The man waved his hand and said impatiently, "You don't have to tell me so much. I don't want to hear it! I came here today to return the car!"

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