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   Chapter 194 Meeting Them

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Harold nodded and told his father what had happened to Wendy's company. Sheridan sighed, "Wendy does it well. The company's development is better than I expected. By the way, the company is going to change a new batch of new cars. You can buy the car from Summer Motor. I'll leave it to you to deal with it."


When she got home, Rachel knew that Wendy was too busy this summer to come to the capital. She felt very sorry.

"I miss Wendy. I thought she could come over this summer vacation. I bought her a lot of things!" Rachel sighed.

Harold frowned and asked, "What did you buy again?"

Rachel asked sensitively, "What do you mean again? These clothes are all for Wendy!"

"Only clothes?"

"Yes, I just bought a few clothes! How dare I buy food after you said it last time! " Rachel complained in a low voice.

Last time, Rachel bought a lot of biscuits and milk for Wendy, but she bought too much. Wendy and Jared couldn't eat them all, so they had to send some to others.

Harold suspected that the a few clothes his mother was talking about might be a lot of clothes, so he didn't believe what his mother said!

Sheridan comforted her, "Eat more. If you like, just buy it. Don't care about that boy."

With someone supporting her, Rachel ate happily.

When she heard about Wendy's company, she was pissed off. "These people are really despicable. They even spread rumors on purpose! That's too much! Harold, don't let Wendy be wronged!"

"Yes." Harold nodded seriously.

Y City and several neighboring cities had known that there was a problem with the quality of Summer Motor Company car. Although the people who wanted to return the car had temporarily been pacified, the number of people who wanted to buy a car had declined significantly.

The man behind the scenes, Jason, was very happy to see the desolate 4S shops of Summer Motor Company.

In the daytime, Jason took out a bottle of wine from the fridge to celebrate in advance.

"Take the glass and I'll pour it for you." Jason said to the sales director.

"Okay." The sales director picked up the glass and walked towards Jason with a flattering smile.

Jason slowly poured the red wine into the glass of the sales director. The two clinked their g

'That's what a good boss should do! No matter how much money the company lost or earned, it will never treat its employees shabbily! All the necessary benefits! Unlike us...'

Jason continued to scold the boss of the Summer Group, which made the director feel more and more uncomfortable. The balance in his heart was slowly tilted to the Summer Group.

As a sales director, the salary of the sales director of the Summer Group was much higher than his. When he heard that the Summer Group was going to open a 4S shop in another city, he was itching to change to the Summer Group.

As the saying goes, people die for money and birds die for food. He had been working in the car industry for so long, but the benefits of this company were not as good as that of a new company. He hinted Jason several times, but Jason just pretended to be ignorant. He was unwilling to raise his salary.

Depressed, Jason asked, "A month has passed, the salary of the Summer Group is still paid on time? They buy their employees the insurance and fund as usual?"

"Yes! They pay the salary and buy the insurance and fund for the on time! They haven't owed the employees anything! "

"No way! Their sales volume was so low this month. How could they hold on? There are so many 4S shops. The rent alone is a huge expense!" Jason couldn't figure it out. After thinking for a while, he stood up and said, "Go and find out where the headquarters of the Summer Group is. I'll meet their boss there!"

"Yes, sir!"

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