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   Chapter 193 Overnight Investigation

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The director sighed, "We don't have any evidence. Who believes that the people of the tax bureau have been bribed?"

"What did she say the person you arranged into their company? The Summer Group buys all of their employees insurance and fund for housing?"

"Yes! I asked! They had bought insurance and fund in the first month of their employment! In our company they have to pass the probation period and become a full member before they get insurance and fund!"

Jason widened his eyes in disbelief, "Damn it! Is this small company so generous?"

"Yes! I was scared too! I thought they were lying at the beginning! As a result, the person I sent specially asked for a leave and went to the social security bureau to check. They really bought her the insurance and fund."

He had thought that he could find out the tax evasion of the Summer Group, but the people from the tax bureau didn't find anything. There was no chance for Summer Group to pay the fees and penalty, and he couldn't go to the labor bureau to report them.

Jason was so angry that he said, "Then ask the quality inspector to investigate and report that the quality of their car is not up to standard! I don't believe that this small company is indestructible and has no problem at all!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Wait, come back!" Jason stopped the director and ordered sternly, "Ask the media to make a big report. I want the whole province to know that there is a quality problem with their cars and let those who bought them make a scene! Humph! "

The director nodded and smiled, "Yes!"

Albert was reading documents in his office. His secretary came over and said calmly, "Mr. Albert, the quality inspector is here."

"Okay, I see."

Albert put down the document and sighed, "Jason, you are still the same as before."

There were a lot of cars in the factory, so it was impossible to check them all one by one. They could survey a random samples.

The employee who was arranged into Summer Group by Jason Group secretly took photos of the inspection officer. As soon as Jason received the photos, he immediately sent them to the media and asked them to help make a scene.

The Y City Daily was bribed by the Jason Group. They reported in detail that Summer Motor Company car was suspicious of its quality, and the quality inspection department investigated overni

d me recently, Harold?"

Harold didn't want to answer this question, but he couldn't directly hang up the phone. In that case, Wendy would be very sad.

Standing aside, Sheridan lowered his eyebrows and tried hard to hold back his laughter. He almost burst into laughter when he saw his son's tangled expression.

"Harold?" Wendy pretended to be sad and murmured, "You can't answer me, Harold. It seems that you doesn't miss me at all..."

Harold's heart tightened, "Yes, I do."

"You do? Harold, you have been missing me, haven't you?"

Harold's grip on the receiver tightened and loosened. After taking a deep breath, he replied, "Yes."

"Ha-ha! Harold, I miss you too! I'm going to have a race in a month. Can you spare some time to see me?"

"I'll try." Harold glanced at his father who was sitting next to him and looked at him with an unreadable expression in his eyes. He had to say, "You can go to have dinner. If I find useful information about the company's affair, I will ask someone to give it to Jared. If you are not sure, you can come to me."

"Okay!" After hanging up the phone, Wendy went back to the dining room for dinner happily.

In the office, Sheridan shook his head and joked, "I didn't expect you to be shy! It seems that the pigs fly!"

After hanging up the phone, Harold stood up and said, "let's go."

"Wendy is in trouble?" Sheridan walked into the elevator and asked.

Both he and his wife were satisfied with Wendy. Although she was still under age, they had already treated her as their future daughter-in-law!

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