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   Chapter 192 A Guilty Conscience

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"No, no, no. Those are not the reason." The director wiped the sweat on his forehead and hurriedly explained, "I've specially investigated it! Some people said that our new car was not good-looking, and some people thought that the Summer Motor Company car was more cost-effective! That's why our new cars don't sell well... "

"Damn it!" Jason cursed angrily.

The director asked nervously, "Mr. Jason, what should we do now? The sales volume is really bad this month!"

"Knock, knock, knock." Someone knocked on the door of the chairman's office.

Jason irritably took out a cigarette from the cigarette box and lit it. "Come in."

The HR director pushed the door open and walked in. Looking at her colleagues' pale face, she thought it was not a good time to come here.

Jason took a drag on his cigarette and asked, "What's up?"

The HR director cleared her throat and said, "Now the employees can't sell the cars. Without a commission, they can't live with only that little salary. Many people have been transferred to Summer Motor Company."

"What, what! Damn it! " Jason pounded the table angrily and scolded, "Leave them alone! Ask the personnel to recruit more people! "

"I have asked the HR department. Many people feel that the salary is not good, and the number of people who come to the interview every day can be counted with one hand! And very few people chose to stay after the interview. Mr. Jason, how about we raise our salary?" The director was so busy with the company's affairs these days that her hair would turn white.

Without hesitation, Jason shook his head and refused, "No! If they can't sell a car at that time, the salary I pay them will be in vain! Don't raise the base salary, you can raise the commission a little more!"

The HR director frowned and said, "But now everyone knows that the best-sell car in Y City is Summer Motor Company car. Generally, employees will make the worst plan for themselves. If they can't sell one car a month, at least they have a basic salary to support his life. I don't think it's a good idea not to raise the base salary."

Hearing the HR director's analysis, Jason said with disgust, "You are right! How about this? Let's try to raise the Commission first to see if we can recruit someone. If we still can't recruit someo

sion of the Summer Group is not reliable!"

"Who knows? Maybe they are pretending to be calm! Let's go back and check it out! "

The employee that Jason arranged to spy on the Summer Group had already told Jason and others about the visit of the tax officer, but a month had passed, and there was no movement from the tax bureau.

"It seems that they are experienced in finance. They have done a good job! The people of the tax bureau couldn't find anything wrong! Humph! " Jason murmured.

"Then what should we do, Mr. Jason?"

The lines on Jason's forehead wrinkled deeply. "Wait for the news from the tax bureau."

"Yes, sir!"

In the past month, the Summer Group had opened branches in several neighboring provinces, and the expansion speed was faster than he had expected! Due to the expansion of the Summer Group, the sales of several 4S shops around the Jason Group also decreased significantly.

The old car couldn't be sold, and the new car was introduced, but the new car couldn't be sold either. The total profit of Jason Group in the past few months was totally a loss!

When Jason couldn't sleep or eat well, the tax bureau finally came to the Summer Group.

"What! No tax evasion? How could it be possible? " Jason couldn't believe his ears!

"I don't believe it either! A company can't be so innocent without any problems! "

"That is to say, the Summer Group has bribed the people from the tax bureau!" Jason said gloomily, "Go to report the Summer Group for bribing the people from the tax bureau!"

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