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   Chapter 182 Kneel Down And Apologize

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6380

Updated: 2020-05-01 00:15

"Well, I tell you, if you don't kneel down in front of me today, you are not allowed to step into my home!"

Wendy rolled her eyes at Jade and asked, "I don't want to go in. Don't worry. Derek... Is my father back? "

"Who are you! Why should I tell you? Ha-ha!" Jade said coldly.

After surveyed the living room, Wendy turned around and left. "Let's go, Jared."

"Yes! Miss Wendy." Jared nodded and ran to the back seat of the car to open the door. He didn't leave until Wendy got in and closed the door.

Jade watched the car disappearing in distance in surprise, "Miss Wendy? What kind of Miss is she? Who was that man? This car looks very fancy!"

Alina, who staying upstairs wanted to watch them quarreling, saw that the drama was over so soon. Confused, she went downstairs and asked, "Wendy has left?"

Jade closed the door and nodded. "Yes, she's gone."

"What did she say?" Alina asked, pretending not to hear them before.

"She came here and asked if Derek was home. I didn't tell her and she left." Jade said with disdain, "Besides, she came with a strange man at night at such a young age. She just was just like her mother. TSK TSK TSK."

Alina was also confused. She was curious about the real purpose of Wendy's visit tonight.

Wendy sat in the car and asked, "Do you know where my father's company is, Jared?"

"I know." Jared remembered the location of Wendy's father Derek's company because he had investigated Wendy before.

"Then go to my father's company to have a look. He should not be at home. The noise we made just now was so loud that he would surely appear if he heard it at home."


Jared drove to Derek's company. The security guard stopped them. "Who are you?"

"I am here for my father, my name is Wendy. Is he off duty?"

"You are looking for your father! What's your father's name?"


"Oh, Mr. Derek! He is still working! Wai

ther was protected by them, so no one had allowed them to meet?

Now her mother was still in a coma. No one knew the truth.

Maybe she could ask the Shuangguan family what had happened that year.

The car returned to the villa. Wendy called Harold, "Harold, I want you to do me a favor."

"What is it?" Asked Harold.

"I suspect that my mother ran away from home at that time perhaps because of my father. Perhaps her family forced her to leave my father and she was unwilling to do so." Wendy guessed, "They went to look for her after a long time. It was very likely that the Shuangguan family thought my mother was deliberately forcing them to compromise by running away from home. They didn't expect that she was really determined to leave, so after a few months did they go to find her."

"I've read through all the information. It's a shame for the so-called upper class people like them. I want to know Zachary Shuangguan's attitude towards my mother. If he is angry, I don't want him and others of the Shuangguan family know our existence."

"If not, then I want to see him and know what happened at that time."

"Okay." Harold nodded in agreement and said, "I will send my men to deal with it. Don't think too much. Just concentrate on your study."

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