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"She has to go to her company and the school, so she is very busy now."

Holding Harold's hand, Rachel smiled and said, "Wendy is a strong girl. I think you should tell her the truth."

"Okay." Harold nodded and said.

When Wendy returned home, Jared came over with a cup of hot milk. "The temperature is just right. Drink it while it is hot."

"Thank you." Wendy took her time to enjoy her milk.

She didn't know if it was because she drank milk every day, but she felt she had grown taller recently.

"Miss Wendy, Mr. Harold called you just now. Please call him back."

"Harold called me? I know! I'll call him back now!" With that, Wendy ran upstairs in a hurry with the cup in her hand.

Sitting on the sofa in her bedroom, she called Harold.

He answered the phone as soon as it rang. As if he had been by the side of the phone all the time.

Harold did wait for her call all the time. Harold heard the happy voice from the other end of the phone, "Harold, what can I do for you?"

With a sigh in his heart, Harold asked, "Wendy, do you know your mother's family?"

The smile on Wendy's face disappeared. She did not know, in her previous life, whether she asked her family or her father, her mother was either hiding or changing the topic.

It was strange for Harold to mention it suddenly. Thinking of his grave voice just now, she took a deep breath and asked, "I don't know, Harold. Have you found out anything?"

"I found out your mother's identity. She is the daughter of the Shuangguan family in the capital. As for why she left the family of Shuangguan and why she lived in P County, we haven't found the reason yet."

Wendy's eyes widened in shock when she heard Harold's words. The cup fell from her hand to pieces.

Slap. Hearing the voice from the phone, Harold frowned and asked anxiously, "Wendy? What happened?"

Wendy took a deep breath, "I'm fine, Harold. The cup fell to the ground. Go on."

After making sure that Wendy was fine, Harold continued, "I hav

seldom comes back from work recently. He won't know! Even if he knows, I'm his mother, dare he scold me?"

Jade waved her hand and urged, "go upstairs and have a rest. Don't get involved in this matter."

"Mom, Wendy is still a kid..."

"I know. Don't worry. Go upstairs." After finishing her words, Jade urged Alina to go upstairs.

Alina went to upstairs but didn't go back to her room. Instead, she stood at the spiral staircase, stretching out her ears to listen to the sound downstairs.

The doorbell kept ringing. Sensing something was wrong, Jared walked over and asked, "Nobody answered the door for so long. Is it possible that no one is at home?"

"I don't think so." Wendy looked up to the peephole, and said coldly, "Maybe someone saw me and wanted to give me a hard time."

"Miss Wendy, you mean they did it on purpose?" Jared's face darkened.

"Never mind." Wendy kept pressing the doorbell.

Jared couldn't stand it anymore. He pounded on the door with all his might, making loud noises.

Looking at the door shaking, Jade scolded, "Damn it! Do you want to break down the door! Humph! "

Jade opened the door and said sarcastically, "Coming. Who the hell knocked on the door like that? Do you want to pull it down? What? It's you. I thought you would rather die than come back? Why did you come back?"

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