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   Chapter 180 True Identity

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Leaning against the sofa, she said with a smile, "Uncle Albert, thank you. We should pay the tax that we need to pay. We can't escape from tax. If I can win the champion of Formula Renault this year, I will have a lot of bonus."

"Ha-ha. Don't worry. I'll tell you where it should be paid. I won't escape the tax because I don't want to pay more money to produce the car and cut down the cost of materials." Albert exclaimed, "I can only stand up again with the help of Summer Motor Company. I really value the brand, and I don't want to tarnish its reputation."

Wendy left after some more small talks with Albert.

The new semester began. Few people knew that Steve and Wendy had won prizes in international competitions.

It was also a good thing that they could study quietly without being disturbed.

After the incident last time, Shelly hadn't gone back to school. The students heard that the procedure of quitting school had been done for her, but they didn't know where she had gone.

Steve studied harder. He didn't understand English when they were in Switzerland last time, and when he came back this time, he worked very hard on English.

He worked hard to memorize the vocabulary and also didn't skip class. And he practiced listening and speaking to Wendy in English on their way home.

Steve, who had paid money to study in the top class, had worked so hard, and other students were all motivated and devoted themselves to study hard.

The head teacher was gratified to see the good chemistry between the students.

Wendy was still sitting on the first chair in the first monthly exam.

Steve was in the top 20 of the exam this time, better than Bess.

For this, Bess was quite agitated. She did exercises madly and came to ask Wendy about the questions that she didn't understand.

The two seemed to want to pass the exams much better than each other.

After the self-study class in the evening, Bess rubbed her wrist and sighed, "The questions of politics subject are really horrible questions to answer. I have answered too many questions.

Wendy smiled and said, "Don't work too hard. Pay more attention to politics and news. It won't work to do too many exercises."

"Oh, I can't remember the news, so I had to do it."

"You are

idn't find her. Then they stopped. But a few months ago, the Shuangguan family began to look for her again, and they even went to P County in Y City." The man in black explained.

P County, it was the place where Wendy had lived.

Harold turned the pages with a grave face as he looked through the documents. There was a black and white picture behind the picture. The picture had been taken many years ago.

In the photo, the woman was at her early twenties, laughing happily under a cherry tree.

If the woman was not Sara, then who! It never occurred to Harold that Sara was the daughter of Zachary shuangguan.

He quickly finished reading the information and frowned, "Why did Sara run away from home?"

"I don't know. It had been a long time since she ran away from home and I didn't found out the fact." The man in black shook his head and explained.

"Okay, I know." Harold waved his hand, the man went out of his room.

He looked at the documents in his hands and fell into deep thoughts.

Now he had known Wendy's real identity. Should he tell her?

Without the support of the Shuangguan family, Wendy was leading a good life now.

After thinking for a while, Harold went to ask his mother's advice. Looking at the documents, Rachel felt sad and tearful. She said, "Wendy was actually the child of the Shuangguan family. I think you can tell her about the background that you found out about her. It would be better for her to make decision by herself whether to meet her family or not."

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