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   Chapter 146 Headache

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Unexpectedly, Derek dodged from her touch, and said coldly, "No, thanks."

Derek went upstairs with his briefcase, as if she was a dangerous object. He was unwilling to get close to her.

Alina had been alone in her home these days, and Derek barely stayed at home. Even if he came home at night, he stayed in his study until dawn and then left.

Alina walked up to him and asked in a flattering manner, "Derek, it's almost new year. Ask Wendy to come back to spend the new-year's time with us. She must be lonely outside. "

Hearing what Alina said, Jade shouted with dissatisfaction, "no, you can't let that bad girl come back. I'm telling you, Derek, if you dare to bring her back, I'll kill myself in front of you!"

Hearing his mother's threatening words, Derek felt annoyed.

Was this palatial house really his home? He couldn't feel a little warmth in this house. It was full of quarrels and abuses every day, which made him feel as if he got a severe headache.

Being annoyed by her words, Derek took off his tie and threw it aside. He didn't reply to Jade, neither respond to Alina.

Looking back at Jade, who was still furious standing behind her, Alina continued to pretend to be a virtuous woman and said, "I will persuade our mom to accept Wendy. You can bring Wendy back."

"Stop it. I don't want to hear it anymore."

A sense of joy emerged in Alina's heart. It seemed that Derek had disgusted Wendy thanks to Jade's cursing and persuading.

But she didn't expect that the following words made her smile stiffen.

"I'll stay with Wendy during the new-year holiday. You stay at home and look after our mom and Hobson." After uttering these words, Derek went into his study and closed the door, keeping Alina outside.

Alina looked at the door closed tightly. With her face turning livid, she kept taking deep breaths to calm herself down. Then she went downstairs to persuade Jade.

But Jade didn't listen to a word. She would rather die than let Wendy in her home.

The door of the study separated the noise downstairs. Derek leaned on the sofa with

at Harold could carry her on his back. But he just help her up.

Wendy reached out to hold Harold's hands and stood up. But all of a sudden, Harold picked her up holding her waist.

His sudden move startled Wendy. She blushed and rested her head in Harold's arms as she felt the temperature of his body. He held Wendy out in his arms.

Steve almost spat out the soup when he saw this scene. He coughed hard and Jared handed him a piece of paper.

"Thanks." Steve took the tissue and wiped his mouth. He raised his head to look at their backs with a slight smile.

Steve drank up the soup, rubbed his belly and exclaimed, "Jared, your cooking is fantastic. Wendy didn't get fat, but I got five pounds!"

Jared stopped Steve by his hand and said with a smile, "Then you should work hard to lose weight during the training in the evening. No need to wash the dishes. I will do it and you can go upstairs to do your homework now."

"It doesn't matter. Let me help you with the dishes." Steve volunteered to help clean up the dishes. Noticing that Steve was unwilling to go upstairs and do homework, Jared had no choice but accept his help.

Harold took Wendy into the room and gently put her on the sofa. "Do you need to finish your homework or rest?"

"Time is limited, I have to finish my homework, why doesn't you watch TV downstairs today, Harold?" Asked Wendy deliberately.

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