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   Chapter 133 Punishment

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Seeing that Wendy's examination paper had been confiscated by the man teacher, Shelly was very happy.

Shelly was always getting bad grades, and her family didn't care about her from a long time ago. No matter how many points she would get in the examination, neither of her parents would care.

Even if she zero in the exam, she wouldn't get any punishment. As long as she didn't make trouble or fight, and didn't act like the last time when she was taken to the police station, neither George nor Caroline would care.

She didn't perform well in the exams, but Wendy was different from her, she always took the first place in every exam.

Some of the students in the same school with Wendy didn't know what she looked like, but they had heard her name.

If others knew that she, the first place cheated in the final exam, she would be notorious.

The more Shelly thought about it, the happier she got. She defiantly turned to look at Wendy. She smiled in a low voice, "The first place in our grade, how do you feel when your examination paper is confiscated?"

Wendy cast a cold glance at Shelly. She didn't want to talk to her anymore. Now that the examination paper had been taken away, she had no choice but to sit in her seat, thinking about how to deal with it in the future.

"Phew!" Two mark pens flew over and smashed on the desk.

A voice came through all of a sudden, attracting all the students of the class. The man teacher was so angry that he pointed at them and scolded, "Your examination paper has been confiscated. How dare you still talk in a low voice?" How bold they were! I punish you two go out and stood outside. Don't disturb other students. They are doing their exam! "

Bess said with discontent, "Sir, Shelly did it on purpose. She and..."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear it now! Is this how the students in your class perform? Is your class the key class? If you don't want to take the exam, you just hand in your paper and go out directly! " The man teacher was really pissed off. It was the first time that he had seen such a ridiculous thing in the school.

"Bess, stop it. Focus

punished because you are not only just peeking at other student's paper but also showing others the answer! Their behaviors were too bad. I think they should be severely criticized at next week's student meeting! How dare you! "

"Sir, it's all my fault. Wendy is innocent. Please punish me alone!" Shelly shook her head and explained.

Wendy looked deeply at Shelly who was so good at acting.

"Bullshit!" The head teacher rushed into the office and stared at Shelly angrily, "It was a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding? Is there any misunderstanding? What I saw with my own eyes can't be true? Miss Haley, are you afraid that this cheating thing will affect your annual bonus? " The man teacher said with dissatisfaction.

"No, please let me explain." The head teacher looked at Shelly seriously and said, "There have been conflicts between Shelly and Wendy. You have heard the gossip before. It's absolutely impossible for Wendy to cheat with Shelly. Wendy, tell me the truth."

It was the first time that Wendy had spoken since she came to the office. She explained calmly, "I was absorbed in my exam just now, but Shelly suddenly moved close to me. I was taken aback by her bold behavior, which was found by the teacher immediately, and our examination paper was confiscated. That's the situation."

"That's it! Wendy didn't give me the answer. It's all my fault! " Shelly rolled her eyes and said.

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