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   Chapter 87 What An Amazing Move

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Updated: 2020-03-30 00:26

Charles looked at Harold in disbelief. He trembled and asked, "you, you Hiss! "

Feeling a sharp pain in his leg, Charles rubbed his leg again. Sane hit him with his crutch again. He didn't say anything wrong, so why did grandpa hit him?

Confused, Charles turned his head to look at Sane. The latter shook his head slightly, signaling him to stop talking. Then with interest, he turned to look at Harold and Wendy, and then at Sherwood.

It's so funny! Sane was overjoyed inside.

Wendy didn't notice the weird atmosphere. She was so happy that she didn't notice it. Harold said to her in a low voice, "give me one more."

"Okay." Wendy picked up a piece of dessert. She did not hand it to Harold this time. Instead, she put it naturally to his mouth.

She did this many times in her previous life. Now the interaction between them made her feel like she was in her previous life again.

Sherwood glanced at Harold. In a dissatisfied tone, he said, "I want a piece, too."

The last one was left on the plate. Thinking that she had eaten so much just now, Wendy felt a little embarrassed.

She picked up the plate and was about to pass it to Sherwood, when Harold beside her said, "I want one."

Both Sherwood and Harold wanted the dessert. Now there was only one piece left. How could they divide it?

Wendy looked at Sherwood and then at Harold. She thought for a while, turned around and handed the plate to Sane. "Grandpa Sane, please have one."

However, Sane, who was watching them, didn't want to eat. He shook his head and said with a smile, "I'm tired of eating these foods every day. Give it to them."

"Since grandpa doesn't eat it, I'll eat it!" As he spoke, Charles quickly picked up the piece of dessert on the plate and put it in his mouth.

All three pairs of eyes in the living room looked at him.

Apparently, Sane was pissed off by his grandson's EQ!

Harold and Sherwood also looked at him unkindly.

Noticing that everyone was looking at him, Charles swallowed and asked with confus

hen why are you so excited?"

"It seems that Harold has a crush on someone," Charles exclaimed excitedly.

"Really?" Jeremy raised his eyebrows. He remembered the call from Harold, and he asked with interest, "This is indeed a shocking news. Tell me."

Charles excitedly told Jeremy what happened just now, "do you think he really likes Wendy?"

"It's possible." Jeremy smiled and said, "he is indeed indifferent to people or things that he is not interested in."

"That's right. He is an icy man. I didn't see him talk to anyone else except you. I thought you love each other!" Charles was so thrilled that he forgot to think.

On the other side of the phone, it was quiet. The exciting Charles asked confusedly, "why don't you say something? Hello? Is the signal bad? "

"What did you say just now?" Jeremy asked in a low voice.

Without noticing what was wrong, Charles laughed and said, "I thought you two were gays! ha-ha! Uh...well No, no, I was wrong. Please listen to me! "

"You didn't say anything wrong. I heard everything!" Jeremy sneered, "I remember you are betting stones recently, right? TSK TSK, TSK. I wonder what grandpa Sane will do to you if he knows that you have bought a bunch of worthless stones. "

"Hey, don't tell my grandpa! I was wrong. Hello! " Charles shouted anxiously, but Jeremy directly hung up the phone.

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