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   Chapter 86 Overacted

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Sherwood lifted his hand and said, "it doesn't matter."

The subordinate nodded and stood behind Sherwood. The window was closed and Sherwood couldn't hear what Wendy and Harold had said inside.

Some of the audience also drove here. When they found that the road in front of them was blocked, they kept honking and shouted, "Hey, what are you doing there? Get out of the way!"

Sherwood looked through the car window at Wendy's blushing cheeks. He thought for a while and said: "get out of the way."

"Yes." As soon as the men received the order, they turned the steering wheel and get out of the way.

"They made way."


Harold turned the steering wheel and drove the car away.

Sherwood got into the car and said, "follow them."


Wendy turned around and looked at the cars following them. She asked in surprise, "what are they going to do?"

"Sherwood is coming for you." Harold said coldly.

"For me?" Wendy rolled her eyes and said helplessly, "is he still haggling over the money I made from underground racing? My God. He is so petty. "

"He seems to be interested in you. He has been investigating you recently. I've arranged someone to erase some of your information secretly," Harold said unhappily.

Harold didn't say the rest of the words. He not only erased the information from Wendy, but also gave Sherwood the false information.

Suddenly, Sherwood received the latest investigation materials from his subordinate. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh? Is she really his sister? Which could also explain why Harold followed her all the time. Well, well, well-known Mr. He is cheated by a woman. The woman secretly gave birth to a illegitimate daughter of him. If this news is released, it will become a sensation in the capital. "

At this time, Mr. He, Harold's father, who was shopping with his wife in the capital, could not help but sneeze. Harold's mother looked at him worriedly and asked, "do you have a cold? Shall we go back? "

"Don't worry. Maybe someone is mumbli

Sherwood up and down and frowned. He said, "I don't know what to say after you grow up. But I still want to remind you that don't ever take a wrong step."

"Thank you for your kind words and I'll keep them in my mind, Grandpa Sane." Said Sherwood.

They could not tell from his face whether he really kept it in his mind or casually played with Sane.

Sherwood turned around and looked at Wendy, who was enjoying her tea, "Well? Why don't you look up at me when I come? "

Wendy looked up and glanced at him. Then she lowered her head and picked up a dessert. She handed it to Harold and said, "it's delicious. Harold, you can have a try."

However, Harold didn't take the dessert from Wendy, but leaned forward and ate it.

His thin lips were lightly touched by Wendy's fingertips. She blinked in disbelief and looked at Harold. Joy took over her and she continued to put a piece of dessert into her mouth.

Looking at the content smile on Wendy's face, Harold leaned back in his chair and raised his eyebrows, looking at Sherwood.

All the other people present were shocked by Harold's action except Wendy.

Sherwood frowned and stared at Harold expressionlessly.

What did Harold mean? It seemed that he was on guard against him. Was it too much to protect his sister? Sherwood had never heard that Harold cared about someone so much.

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