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   Chapter 83 The Last One

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Coaches of Satan racing team let out a series of exclamations, attracting the attention of other staff in the team. They all gathered around to watch the screen.

"This... This is so awesome!"

"Yes, but the speed is low. But it's just the perfect turning angle taught from a text book! This should be the trump card of Dragon racing team! The Steve who ranks first is far from this! "

"As long as she can make it and the car is repaired, I bet she will be promoted from the resurrection to the final!"

The coach patted on Peter's shoulder with a serious look and reminded him, "watch out for this enemy!"

"Yes." Peter bit his fingernails and looked gloomy.

"Hurry up, everybody! Analyze the driver's data and find out her weakness!"

"Yes, sir!" The analysts immediately stared at the red figure on the screen.

Because Wendy's speed was too slow, the shot was not given to her by the crew of the program. The other teams were also concerned about the competition for the top few. Apart from Satan racing team who began to study her specially, no one found out their terrible rival.

With time passing by, the contestants reached the 19th lap, and Steve broke the finish line first. He got the highest score in one lap and ranked the first.

Seeing the result, the staff of Dragon racing team applauded happily. "It's wonderful for Steve to win the first place."

"Yes, I didn't expect that we could find such a big treasure before the competition started!"

"He should be the top three in the final."

"Steve is back,"

Seeing Steve drive the car back to the garage, the coaches flocked to him and praised him for his performance today.

When Steve took off his helmet, he was still in excitement. he felt that he had an excellent feeling on the track. He took the bottle of water from the staff happily and drank a lot. Then he turned his head to look at the score bar on the left side of the screen.

"What? How could Wendy be the last! There must be

"Thank you, Harold." Wendy caught the bottle which had already been unscrewed and drank it.

"Slow down. Take it easy." Harold took the wet tissue from Jared and wiped Wendy's blushed cheeks gently.

By feeling the gentle stroke of her cheek, Wendy smiled happily. "Thank you."

The coaches surrounded Wendy and said worriedly, "Wendy, take a rest inside. It's so hot. Be careful for having sunstroke."

"Okay." Wendy sat in the garage, and the staff turned the electric fan to the maximum mode to cool her down.

Harold came over and turned off the fan.

"What?" When the staff saw Harold's strange behavior, he wanted to question him why the fan was turned off, but when he thought of his identity, he was so timid that he did not dare to say anything.

The staff didn't dare to say anything, but Steve dared.

Steve frowned and asked, "why did you turn off the fan? Wendy is hot now. "

It was indeed hot for Wendy. She was wearing a helmet and raced in the team uniform and the sun was shining brightly. She was fanning herself with her two hands.

"Be careful not to catch a cold." Harold explained to Wendy concisely.

With that, he picked up the coach's files and started to gently fan Wendy.

A cool breeze brushed her face. With satisfaction, Wendy closed her eyes and rested on the chair.

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