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   Chapter 74 Turn Over A New Leaf

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Her sudden attack caught Jared by surprise. He quickly stepped back, though he didn't expect it.

"Not bad!" Jared looked at Wendy happily.

"Unfortunately, you dodged anyway!" Wendy said unhappily.

A shiver ran down Jared's spine. Embarrassed, he said, "if I had reacted a little slower, my nose would have bled."

"Let's do it again." Before Jared could finish his words, Wendy rushed at him.

As long as she could practice it in person, it would be useful. Wendy and Jared kept fighting with each other. At the beginning, Jared was able to deal with such cases easily. But as time went by, he became more focused.

If he didn't pay attention to it, he would probably be kicked by the powerful woman, Wendy's no offspring crotch kick. He had seen with his own eyes how painful the young man who was kicked by her was. He didn't want to be kicked.

They were reluctant to stop fighting with each other, so they didn't notice that there was another man in the fit room. Harold leaned against the wall and looked at the devoted Wendy. Her white face flushed because of the sports.

Not knowing how long it had passed, finally Wendy was too tired to continue. She stopped and lay on the ground gasping for air, "stop. Stop. I'm tired."

Sweating, Jared wiped the sweat off his forehead and found Harold standing not far away. He called out respectfully, "Mr. Harold."

As soon as Wendy heard his words, she got excited immediately. She sat up from the ground and greeted Harold happily, "Hi, Harold."

The slim and graceful girl's red lips were shivering, which made Harold completely lost in his thoughts.

"Harold?" Wendy asked again, confused.

Harold came back to his senses from the absence. With an unnatural expression on his face, he walked towards Wendy and said, "not bad."

A cunning look flitted across Wendy's eyes. She looked down at her wet school uniform and frowned, "my clothes are so wet, chirp!"

"Oh, my God! You just f

re difficult for me to run a car making company! Your father is experienced. He is my best and only choice. " Wendy stated frankly.

'I see.'

Upon hearing this, Steve nodded his head dejectedly.

He was still expecting it's because Wendy treated him differently, so she chose his father. It seemed that he was over thinking.

They talked in a low voice so that the students around couldn't hear what they said, but they could see them talk on the ears and even hold hands in confusion.

The series of actions confused everyone, and some began to discuss them in a low voice.

The bell rang. Steve didn't bend over his desk anymore since he decided to focus on his study.

The teacher was shocked to see Steve sit erect all of a class. Moreover, he even made notes.

For the whole class, most of the teachers focused their eyes on Steve and the students looked back at them from time to time.

Steve, being the center of attention, ignored the crowd's gaze. He hadn't listened to the class for a long time and didn't understand much, so he could only write down the notes and study at home.

In fact, their classmates was even more shocked than the teachers. Yesterday, Shelly and Wendy had a conflict and Shelly didn't come to the classroom today. Was it really Wendy's family who did it?

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