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   Chapter 73 Self Protection

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As Evan and Shelly were investigated separately, timid and scared Shelly told the truth in details quickly.

But Shelly was still a child and her parents also came here to bail her. At last, the police had to criticize Shelly and let her leave.

Evan had repeated school years for several times. Now he was eighteen years old and didn't cooperate with the police's investigation. He was totally in jail.

Outside the police station, George looked angrily at his daughter who had done more than anything right and slapped her directly.

"Clap." The sound of slapping reverberated in the room.

Looking at her daughter's swollen cheek, Caroline scolded, "are you crazy! Why do you beat her like this? Do you want to kill her? "

"Yes! you 're right! If I don't kill her, she will never recover! " Glaring at Shelly, George scolded, "how many times did I tell you not to mess with Wendy? Are you deaf! Are you going to be happy if you destroy our family? "

People around the police station looked at them curiously. Shelly covered her painful face and bowed her head, without saying anything.

When the policemen heard the noise, they came out quickly. George was angry and wanted to punch Shelly. Seeing this, Caroline and the policemen stopped him immediately.

"Because of you, my business has been all ruined! Do you still want to spend money on food and clothes? I'm unable to pay your tuition in the future. Do you know that? " George shouted and slapped on Shelly's body hard.

Shelly cried out because of the pain and kept struggling to escape from him. However, George grabbed her wrist tightly with his right hand and didn't let her go.

"Stop! Stop!" Caroline felt sorry for Shelly and stepped forward to protect her.

George pointed at Shelly and scolded, "just continue to spoil her. She must be expelled from school after I can't afford the tuition!"

Shelly became nervous when she heard this. She asked pitifully, "can't I continue t

l need to learn? "

"Miss Wendy, you must be joking. I can't be with you all day long. Mr. Harold wants you to have enough self-protection ability." Jared explained.

"Looks like Harold cares a lot about me," Wendy said with a sweet smile.

After chatting leisurely, they arrived at Harold's villa.

In the fitness room, Jared was practicing every move. He did not teach Wendy those moves that could not beat bad guys. He taught all the most ferocious tactics.

There was no doubt that there was a physical gap between men and women. If a woman wanted to beat a man down in this aspect, she had to take advantage of the weakness of human body.

For example, his eyes, nose or the most vulnerable part of a man.

Every professional racing driver would do a lot of reaction ability training. In her last life, Wendy had done a lot of training in this field, so her reaction ability was very good.

A few quick moves had been taught by Jared, but she mastered them very quickly.

Standing in front of Wendy, Jared said, "let's practice. How about making an assumption that I am a bad guy? Now, you try to beat me back."

"Okay." Wendy lift her hand to fan herself. Her forehead was sweating as she was practicing.

She had just fan herself with two waves, before she punched Jared on the nose.

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