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   Chapter 72 Finding Nothing

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As soon as Caroline saw the photo of Sara, she wished she could rush up at once and tear the photo into pieces. But the man in front of her was dressed in an exquisite suit and looked like a somebody.

'what a bitch! She's got so many men! How obscene she was!

The man looked at Caroline's expression and asked hastily, "Hello, have you met her before?"

"Yeah, I saw her once," Caroline suppressed her resentment and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Have you really seen her? Where does she live? " The man asked hurriedly.

Pointing at the direction of Sara's home, Caroline replied, "she lives there. What do you want from her?"

"Yes, I need to find her." The man nodded excitedly.

Caroline rolled her eyes and sighed, "What do you want from her? You have wasted your time here. "

"What? What do you mean? " The man asked.

"She died in a car accident a few days ago." "She and her child were hit by a car and died instantly," Caroline sighed, pretending to be pitiful.

"Chi... Chi... Child?" The man asked, his eyes widening in disbelief.

Seeing the man's surprised expression, Caroline thought, 'just as I expected, Sara is really flirting with other men.'. It was not until her lover came that he realized Sara had a child!

"Yes. Don't you know she has a child? What's your relationship with her? " Caroline inquired.

The man frowned and sighed, "we're relatives. Thank you. I'll go and check."

"Hey? Didn't I tell you that she had a car accident and died? Why do you go there? "

"Go and see where she lives." The man didn't want to talk to Caroline anymore. "I gotta go."

"Okay." Looking at the man's back, Caroline rolled her eyes and spit on the ground, "bah."

After taking a bus for her destination, she arrived at the police station of Y City.

The man's tight suit and dried hair attracted the attention of the people in the town. Everyone curiously looked at the man who was obviously diff

In a daze for a moment, Harold said, "Sane, you think too much. I'm not interested in her."

Sane then hung up the phone after some small talks with Harold. Charles who sat next to Sane and listened to Harold's rumors, asked, "Grandpa, what were you talking about with Harold just now? Is he going to run a car making company? "

Sane shook his head with a smile, "no, it's Wendy."

"What? Wendy started a company? Where did she get the money to start a company? " Charles frowned.

"Wendy is just a few years younger than you. But look at you!" Speaking of this, Sane got angry. He grabbed his crutch and swung it to Charles's leg.

Massaging his thigh hit by the crutch, Charles gritted his teeth and said, "Oh, Grandpa, stop it! It hurts! "

Sane then shared the general plan of Wendy with the nosy Charles.

"She gets more ambition than you do. When will you grow up? When will you let me not worry about you!"

"She is just a kid. She will probably go bankrupt in just a few months." Charles complained.

"You should go to work from next month. Don't be late or leave early!" Sane smashed on the ground with his walking stick angrily and snorted.

Under Sane's angry stare, Charles had some dry coughs to cover his embarrassment. He shrugged his neck and replied, "got it."

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