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   Chapter 70 Forgiveness

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6496

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After Albert went broke and his wife died, Haley wanted to repay the debts for him with her savings.

Albert knew Haley's feelings for him. He felt he was heavily in debt and could not burden her, so he decisively refused her money.

Haley had to come over to talk to Albert, but she didn't expect that Steve would misunderstand their actions.

Steve thought that Haley fell in love with his father. But the minute she knew he went broke, she ran away from him.

Steve hated hypocritical people like her very much.

After everything was cleared up, Steve finally realized that he had misunderstood his head teacher and his father.

When Wendy heard about the Chen family's past, her eyes became red. She sniffed and said, "well, since you've known the truth, you'd better listen to your father in the future. But Uncle Albert, I can see that Steve is really interested in racing. He is an expert in it. You know he would make an achievement in it. "

"Steve is not so good at study, but it doesn't mean that he can't be a great person in racing." Wendy said solemnly, "though our domestic race industry has just developed, I think you can consider accepting Steve to participate in the formal race."

"The formal race?" Albert asked, frowning.

"Yes! A formal racing race instead of a competition organized by a private organization! " Wendy nodded and introduced the Dragon racing team to them.

After hearing that, Albert turned to look at his son. Steve's eyes twinkled with hope when he listened to what Wendy said.

Albert sighed, "But as you can see, it will cost a lot to be a racing driver. My family condition is getting worse. Although I owe others only 50000, how can I make that much money! I'm still wondering how to earn fifty thousand in a few days! "

Steve raised his eyebrows and said, "I will part in a competition tonight, and get the first place, about 700000! Then we can pay back all the money

chool in the afternoon! She was getting more and more ridiculous!

Alina pretended to be surprised, "Oh! She didn't come back at noon. I thought she was busy with her studies recently and had lunch at a restaurant near her school! What? Is Wendy not at school now? "

Haley's heart sank when she heard this. She hurriedly said, "yes! Wendy is not in the classroom now. "

"She isn't at school. Nor is she at home. Where is she? What happened to her? " Alina exclaimed.

Sitting next to Alina, Jade watched the anxious look on her face and asked coldly, "what's wrong? The wicked girl is missing? "

Haley comforted Alina in a hurry, "don't worry. I will immediately search for her in the school and ask other students if they know where she is. Please also check if she has gone somewhere! Or call the police directly! "

"Okay! You should call me if you have any news. " Said Alina.


"The bad girl is missing, is that true?" asked Jade when she saw Alina hang up the phone.

"Yes! The head teacher called and told me that Wendy didn't go to school! I have to call Derek and ask him to look for her. " After finishing her sentence, Alina hurriedly called Derek.

At the same time, Derek was having a meeting in the company. When he received the call, he rushed home.

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