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   Chapter 69 Chen Family's Past

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6695

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At a bar near No. 7 High School, Shelly went to a smoke filled corner. She shouted at the man who put his feet on the table arrogantly, "Evan, how about the thing I asked you to do?"

Seeing Shelly coming his way, Evan Huang threw his cards on the table heavily. "Double Q."

"Come here. Shelly, sit down." He patted his legs and laughed.

Shelly smiled sweetly and sat down.

Seeing that they were so intimate, several friends who were playing cards with Evan Huang giggled and said, "Hello, Shelly, my sister-in-law."

"Nice to meet you, Shelly."

Shelly was very pleased to hear them call her sister-in-law. She nodded to them with a smile, and then looked at Evan expectantly and asked, "Evan, have you done what I asked you to do?"

Then, Evan brought his milk tea to Shelly and said, "I've sent someone to bring that bitch here. If someone dares to bully you, I won't spare her!"

"Evan, you are the best!" After Shelly kissed on the cheek of Evan, the guys around them cheered.

Evan urged complacently, "Don't look at me. Show your cards now. Who's turn?"

"It's my turn!"

While they were playing cards attentively, no one noticed that two police cars stopped at the door of the bar.

"Sir, what would you like to drink?" The waitress was a little surprised to see the police, but she quickly calmed down and asked with a smile.

A policeman shook his head and said, "No, thanks."

"What? No drinks? What can I do for you? " The waitress asked nervously.

"We are here to look for someone." The leading policeman looked around the bar and found Shelly and Evan who were smoking in the corner.

"There they are. Go."


The policemen came to Shelly. When Evan was enjoying playing, he was blocked his sunlight by someone suddenly. He looked up and shouted, "get out of the way! Don't block the light! You... "

Evan swallowed his words. People were all shocked when they saw the police behind them. "Wow! Cops? "

"Are you Evan Huang?" The policem

it was not easy for Albert to support the whole family, so he felt embarrassed and chose to take a private racing. In the evening, he would do part-time job to make money.

Steve was nearly made cry when he saw his father shed tears.

"Dad, I did blame you. I have been blaming you all the time." Steve choked with sobs.

"Yes, you should blame me! Blame me for being useless! It's all my fault! " Albert took out his hands to grab Steve's. He said, "I'm sorry, Steve. I didn't know you skipped classes in order to earn money and pay off my debts! It's all my fault! Don't worry about the rest things. If your mother knows that you did such a dangerous thing, she will be very sad! "

"What's going on between you and Haley?" Steve interrogated.

'Haley? Our head teacher?' Wendy looked at Albert curiously.

Albert thought for a while and finally confessed to Steve. It turned out that Haley Lee and Albert grew up together, but Albert had always taken her as his sister.

Then after Albert got married, she didn't confess her love or marry someone else. She was still single.

They had been in touch over the years, and there were rumors about them outside. But they had no intimate relationship, and Steve's mother believed that his father would not betray her, so there was no conflict and dispute between them.

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