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   Chapter 67 Poverty

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Updated: 2020-03-24 00:03

Steve was in the living room. When he saw after Wendy entering his bedroom, she didn't make any move. Perplexed, he stood up and walked towards her.

His eyes darkened when he saw her staring at the photos in the cabinet. He walked up to her.

Hearing the footsteps, Wendy turned around and found that it was Steve. She said apologetically, "sorry, I'm very interested in these pictures, so I stay here."

Then she opened the medical kit and found the injured plaster.

"It's okay. What do you want to eat? We only have instant noodles. Do you want? "

"Instant noodles? I haven't eaten instant noodles for a long time! " Wendy nodded with a smile.

When Steve was about to cook noodles, Wendy stopped him and said, "I've not had something to eat for a long time, so it doesn't matter to eat later. Apply the ointment first."

"Okay." Steve nodded and was about to take off his school uniform. However, when he took off several of his clothes, he realized that Wendy was standing in front of him. He put the clothes down in a hurry and said awkwardly, "give me the ointment. I'll go to my bedroom and apply it."

"Pfff!" Wendy noticed the blush on Steve's face and said, "Are you shy? Go ahead. Where is the instant noodles? Today, I will let you have a taste of my cooking! "

"Here it is." Steve ran to the storeroom and took out three bags of instant noodles.

Seeing this, Jared stood up and said, "Miss Wendy, let me cook the noodles. You can sit in here and have a rest."

"It's okay. Jared, just taste the food I made for you." With the instant noodles in her arms, Wendy walked into the kitchen quickly to avoid Jared's hand stretching out.

Standing in the kitchen, Wendy looked at the pots and pans in front of her helplessly. She was sure that Steve and his family had not cooked for a long time, and there was a thick layer of dust on the pots and pans.

It seemed that these three bags of instant noodles could not be cooked but put in the boiled water.


ee. My son dares to skip classes every day. I have told him not to do so hundreds of times, but it doesn't work. So I misunderstood when I saw you here. "

"It's good that the misunderstanding has been cleared up." Wendy urged, "hurry up. Instant noodles are not good if they are cold."

"Ok." The three started to eat their noodles.

Wendy looked around and found that there were all kinds of toy cars in the living room. She thought for a while and asked tentatively, "Steve, your toy cars are so cool! Where did you buy them? I've never seen them in a mall before! "

Steve was surprised to hear this question. He glanced at his father lightly and did not answer it.

Wendy noticed Steve's odd behavior, so she couldn't help but feel weird.

Albert stretched out his hand and patted Steve on the head. "There is no sell of these toys in the market. I made them myself," he explained.

"Wow? You are so awesome! How did you make them? These toy cars are so unique in shape! " Wendy narrowed her eyes and smiled.

A hint of disappointment flashed through Albert's eyes. He took a deep breath and said, "Don't see how poor I am now. As a matter of fact, more than a decade ago, I was the first one to run a company of car manufacturing in Y City. For Steve liked cars since childhood, I made these toy cars for him. "

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