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   Chapter 66 The Planner

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6389

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The scene was so spectacular that passers-by gathered around.

Wendy stepped forward and laughed, "didn't you want to kill me just now? Look, I'm still standing here safe and sound. Who asked you here? "

"Let go of me! Fight with me!" The man shouted.

"A gentleman uses his mouth but not his fists!" Wendy looked down at his crotch with her sinister eyes and said coldly, "I won't use my fist now. If you don't answer my question obediently, I might use my kick."

That man shivered at the thought that he might be kicked if he didn't answer Wendy's question.

That's the most vulnerable part of a man's body. With a kick, he might have no offspring in the future.

Noticing that the young man's face changed, Wendy raised her eyebrows and asked, "who told you to come to me?"

"It's... Our boss. " The young man confessed, at the thought of his future.

Thugs, who fell to the ground and cried in pain, cursed, "you coward! How dare you sell out our boss! You son of a bitch! "

The man was cursed by his partners, and there were so many people around him pointing at him. He was embarrassed and angry, and he cursed, "yes, I am spineless! You all have integrity. I just want to ask you a question. Do you dare to try the no offspring crotch kick? "

No offspring crotch kick. Wendy didn't expect the punk to say this phrase full of novelty. She almost burst into laughter.

The companion shut up obediently after he heard the words.

Nobody dared to try this kind of pain.

"Leave him alone. You keep talking. Who is your boss? What does he want from me?" Wendy said after clearing her throat.

The bully said, "Our boss is from No. 7 High School. We heard that you bullied his wife. In order to help her, he asked us to catch you and teach you a lesson."

No. 7 High School. It is well known in the city. No.1 High School was famous for students' achievements, while No. 7

the car calmly. They stepped on the dirty water on the ground and said, "huh? What are you thinking about? Are you out of your mind? "

Steve rubbed his nose with embarrassment, "my house is a bit messy, you can make do with it."

"Ok." Wendy smiled.

She saw every move of Steve and didn't expect that he would live here which was somewhat against his glorious appearance.

Wendy used to live in a town which was worse than his. She was surprised, but she won't being judgmental to Steve.

In her eyes, he was still a talented racer.

Wendy walked into Steve's house and froze, "are you sure it's just a bit messy?"

Embarrassed, Steve bent over and picked up the clothes scattered on the floor.

"Ouch!" He pulled the cuts open.

"Sit still. Don't move." "Do you have some plasters in your house?" Wendy asked.

"Yes, it's in the cabinet of my room." Steve said, pointing to the direction. She then stepped forward to help him get the plaster.

Steve's room was much cleaner than the living room. Standing in front of the closet, she saw many pictures on it.

There were pictures of Steve and his go-kart when he was a child, and those of Steve who sat on a car when he was a little older. Almost all of the pictures were of him with his car.

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