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   Chapter 65 New Followers

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Steve pulled Wendy behind him and said, "that's all we have."

"All right, all right." The man slapped on Steve's face with money and said sarcastically, "bye!"

Steve had never been humiliated like this. If he was not there with Wendy, he would definitely fight with them.

He wouldn't care even if he was beaten to death or disabled. If he fought with them, and they bullied Wendy, what should he do!

Steve didn't dare to make a bet. He closed his eyes, feeling the money slapping on his face. He bit his teeth and bore the great humiliation in his heart.

Steve could bear it, but Wendy behind him couldn't.

Without saying a word, Wendy directly gave him a hard kick.

"Ah!" They didn't expect that the delicate girl would hit so hard. The change was so sudden that they were all frightened to stand still.

When they were distracted, Wendy punched on a gangster's nose.

The young man covered his nose and shouted. His nose was bleeding. "I'm gonna die. Take me to the hospital."

The gangsters realized what had happened and turned around hurriedly. Steve waved a punch at them and shouted, "Wendy, run! Don't look back! "

"Hold on! I'll call the police!" When Wendy turned around and was about to get to the public phone booth, she happened to catch the sight of Jared who was running towards her. She shouted excitedly, "Jared! Come and help me! "

As soon as Jared got there, a gangster took out a knife from his pocket, glared at him and scolded, "you brat! Mind your own business!"

With a spin kick, the knife in the guy's hand was thrown away. When the guy was distracted, Jared kicked him in the stomach, "brat? I'm older than you! "

Thanks to Jared's help, these gangsters were all put down in less than ten seconds. No wonder Jared was Harold's bodyguard.

When the

nd he fell on the ground with a kick.

The big machete in the man's hand fell down and was chopped down to his chest.

"Ahhh!" The man felt a pain in his chest and stood up from the ground in horror. He shouted anxiously, "I was chopped!" Chopped! I'm going to die! Help me... "

"Shut up! That's the back of the machete! What's wrong with you? " He cursed in desperation. His companions felt humiliated by his cowardly behavior.

"Hahaha!" His funny reaction amused Wendy.

Wendy's smile infuriated them, with awkwardness and anger on their face.

"You are courting death!" They pulled out their machetes graciously and slowly, and their faces showed the expressions that "you were waiting for death".

Jared had no time to play these tricks with them. He didn't tell Wendy to escape. He walked quickly to the motorcycle and kicked it with his foot. Before the man got off the motorcycle, he fell hard from his motorcycle by the kick.

How funny the scene was! It was embarrassed for them that wanted to bully others now being bullied.

Jared ruthlessly cut off their arms. Some of them wanted to run away under the circumstances, but Jared grabbed them back and threw them on the ground.

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