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   Chapter 63 Snitch

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Wendy noticed all of Alina's little tricks. This woman's acting skill was really great. She fooled the whole Xie family.

'A kind mother? How ridiculous!'

At present, Wendy didn't make sure that it was Alina who caused the accident. What she could do was to continue acting in front of Alina and endure Jade's abuse and hatred.

Derek went out early in the morning and came back late at night. He knew nothing about many things happened in the Xie family, and Wendy didn't want to talk to him.

Now her first goal was to make money. She had to realize her dreams of both her company and her racing career.

With her schoolbag on her back, Wendy walked into the classroom and saw Steve who had come to the classroom early.

She sat on the chair and raised her eyebrows curiously. "Pigs fly today? You are not late! "

Steve looked at Wendy with concern and asked, "What happened? Why didn't you take part in the competition this weekend? "

"That's because I went to the underground racing in G City," Said Wendy with a smile.

"Underground racing?" Steve couldn't believe what he heard. "I once went to see underground racing. How dare you take part in it in such a dangerous situation? Are you crazy? "

Raising her eyebrows, Wendy laughed, "Can't you see that I'm not crazy?"

"You are lucky that you are not hurt!" Steve shook his head and asked, "What's your place? And the bonus must be pretty high, right? "

"The first prize, a bonus of over one million." Wendy moved closer to Steve and whispered.

"What? One million? " Steve exclaimed in surprise, "That's far more than a month's salary for us!"

Noticing that Steve was lost in thought, Wendy wondered if he wanted to take part in underground racing as well. She was confident in her own skill, but she was not confident about Steve's.

She could get away and compete in underground racing on the basis of years of experience. The world famous F1 racing was n

P County, right? I won't beat you or scold you. You can spread a rumor and my father will talk to him peacefully. Even though he pleads with my father again, my father will not cooperate with him. Oh, I forgot. My father's friend probably won't cooperate with him. "

"Anything else? If there is nothing else, we will leave. " Wendy smiled leisurely.

The indifferent attitude of Wendy made everyone around her stunned. Generally speaking, when people heard Shelly's words, they would get angry or even fight with her.

However, she said calmly that she would tell her father about it after she came back home. Her father would make trouble for your father!

How arrogant! Who was her father!

"It sounds like Wendy is from a powerful family."

"I saw her take the car of Xie family to leave school before."

"The Xie family? There was only one boy in the Xie family? I've never heard that the Xie clan has a daughter! "

"I don't know. Maybe she is a cousin."

The students kept talking excitedly. Shelly's face turned pale when she heard the name of Wendy's father.

Shouldn't she be guilty and unable to speak! 'How could this woman be so shameless! How dare she tell this to her parents? What's wrong with her?' Shelly blushed when she heard all the students talking about her.

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