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   Chapter 62 Bad Girl

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As soon as the door was opened, he saw that Wendy was sitting up straight and the pen in her hand was flying quickly on the exercise book.

She put a bowl of rice on the right corner of the desk. He knew that she hadn't eaten anything.

The anger in his heart vanished when he saw the side face of Wendy, who was studying diligently. He seemed to see a devoted Sara.

"It seems that" Wendy, who was doing homework, noticed that someone came in. She turned around and looked at the person. "Astonished", she took something out of her ear and put it on the desk and asked, "What? You're back? "

When Derek walked closer, he saw two earplugs on the desk. No wonder that she didn't hear any voice out the bedroom just now, it was because she wore earplugs.

Derek pulled a chair and sat beside Wendy. When he was about to teach her a lesson, Wendy asked first, "Dad, what are you going to do with the feather duster?"

"Uh, well, I'm here to check whether there is dust in your room." Said Derek awkwardly.

"Nanny came to clean every day. How could there be dust?" Wendy wouldn't give Derek an out. She had heard them shouting and swearing outside just now.

Derek stood up and walked around the bedroom. He nodded and said, "Yes, it is clean."

"Yes." Wendy turned around to continue her practice.

The bedroom was quiet again. Derek rubbed his nose and walked closer to Wendy. When she was reading the maths questions, she immediately started to write them without hesitation.

Seeing her so hardworking, Derek felt sorry for her and said, "Wendy, you can do your homework later. You can eat first."

"It's okay. I'm not hungry yet." Wendy shook her head and continued to write quickly.

Thinking of his angry mother, Derek felt sorry for his family. He didn't want to see them turn against each other.

Derek began to teach Wendy a lesson, "Wendy, anyway, we are family. You should greet the elders when you see them, you know. You

plain it to Hobson.

Wendy was taken aback by Hobson. It was obvious that Hobson didn't have a good foundation. In her memory, he might do well in the exams. Why couldn't he do such a simple question!

After a long explanation by Wendy, Hobson finally figured out the questions. He nodded and said with a smile, "I see. Thank you, sister!"

Hobson took out some candies from his pocket and put them on the table, and said, "It's my treat."

"Thank you."

Hobson came out of Wendy's room with his homework in his hands in a good mood. He didn't expect that he would run into Alina.

With a serious look, Alina asked, "How did you get out of Wendy's room?"

"I don't know how to answer the question, so I went to ask her!" Explained Hobson.

"What question? Let me see! " Alina grabbed the homework and looked through it seriously.

Hobson pointed at the assignment book with a frightened look on his face. After Alina went through the whole process carefully, making sure that Wendy didn't deliberately tell Hobson the wrong answer, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She then glared at Hobson and warned him, "Don't go to disturb your sister anymore. Got it?"

"Okay." Hobson lowed his head, frightened.

Neither of them noticed that the door of Wendy's room wasn't completely closed.

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