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   Chapter 59 Take The Money And Leave

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6785

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Wendy didn't expect that Harold would explain the relationship between them, which made her in great surprise. When she heard the word sister, she felt disappointed and sad.

But after a while, she thought being his sister was not bad. 'When I grew up, you would still be mine!'

"Oh? Sister! When did you have a younger sister? " Sherwood asked with interest.

"This is your last question." After saying that, Harold dragged Wendy by the neck and turned around to leave.

In a hurry, Burke and Black followed behind Harold. They didn't dare to stay anymore.

The men in black were about to catch up when they saw them leaving. Sherwood raised his hand and said, "No need to chase them."

"Mr. Sherwood?" Asked a man in black, puzzled.

"Let them go. Take them to get the money." Instructed Sherwood.

"Yes." The men in black nodded and quickly followed up, bringing them the money.

Sherwood turned around and went back to his office. He pressed the play button with the remote control and the video of the game was displayed on the screen.

The subordinate, who was standing by, asked in confusion, "Mr. Sherwood, why should we let them go? They have broken our rules by stealing the video of our game. "

"Do you want me to go against Harold and his family?" Sherwood glared at his subordinate who was like an idiot.

"Well..." The subordinate couldn't answer and shrugged his shoulders.

Sherwood looked at the video and said with arched eyebrows, "Wendy He? He family has this woman? "

"Mr. Sherwood, I have never heard of any child in the He family except for Harold." "It is well known that Harold's parents never had a quarrel with each other or had any scandal. Their love story is admirable to many people in the capital."

"Well! I have never heard that Harold He has a sister. Where is the Wendy He from? " Playing with knife, Sherwood was very curious about the identity of Wendy.

"Is she a member of the He family's collateral relatives?" Sherwood frowned and asked, "Have you

brilliant when she came here for the first time. If Wendy won the first prize every time, someone might attack her next time!

Harold knew clearly in his heart why Wendy tried to earn much money. It was in order to pay her mother's medical expense, so he bet so much money today, and then used the money as her mother's medical expenses, persuading her not to participate again.

"Well, I still want to..." Wendy frowned and thought the money was not enough for her now.

Harold took a deep look at her, then closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair, not talking to Wendy.

"Hi, Harold, hey." Harold ignored what Wendy had said.

'Holy crap! Harold is angry!' What should she do! Wendy bit her lower lip and looked out of the window, thinking about how to persuade Harold.

In another car, Burke and Black were still discussing with each other excitedly about the huge amount of money that they had earned today. They were also fiercely talking about Wendy's outstanding performance tonight.

After they went back to the hotel, they got out of the car and laughed. When they were about to ask Harold if they wanted to have some night snack, they saw his cold face walking straight into the hotel.

"What? What's Mr. Harold doing? He looks unhappy. " Perplexed, Burke asked Wendy.

"Well, he is angry." Said Wendy with a sigh.

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