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   Chapter 56 Meet Them

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6929

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At the beginning, the drivers who were overtaken also looked at the racing car in front of them, wondering who was so fierce and who dared to speed up on the curve. But they didn't expect that car was in the same color as that little boy's! He's so awesome?

Because the track suddenly changed, everyone was more cautious for the first run. After all, their bonus this evening would be ruined because of the car accident.

"Wow! That wimpy kid is still overtaking. He's not afraid of death! "

"It seems that he is irritated by everyone's asking for quitting just now, and that's why he keeps accelerating."

"Wend will lose control of his car. Do you believe it?" Some even guessed that something bad was going to happen to Wendy.

However, she successfully passed the sand and oily track and surpassed the fourth place to the third place.

Those who didn't have hope for Wendy at the beginning exclaimed with excitement, and Burke and Black also looked at the screen with admiration.

As Harold looked at the straight, smooth curve the car was running, his mouth slightly quirked up. He could now imagine how excited Wendy would be when she sat in the racing car.

The man with triangular eyes, in the second place, was shocked to see Wendy's racing car behind from the rearview mirror.

The sneaky little boy was so awesome? He had mocked him so many times before the game. It would be a disgrace if he was defeated by the little boy later!

'No, I can't lose!'

The man with a pair of triangular eyes sped up. No matter how fast he sped up, Wendy's racing car was closely behind, and he was completely unable to shake off her.

He clenched his teeth and stepped on the gas angrily. He looked at the corner not far away and had to widen the distance between his car and Wendy's car.

He was thinking too much. When he came to his senses, he found that he had been lost in thought and missed the best turning angle.

Seeing that his car was about to hit the guardrail, he stepped on the brake in a hurry while turning the steering wheel r

trouble, so she had to simply interview the second and third place to make a comment on Wendy's performance tonight.

Many people thought that Wendy was lucky, but as her opponents, they could feel the difference in strength directly.

They both highly appraised Wendy's strength, which made many people on the spot who thought her was just a stroke of luck change their minds.

When Wendy left the stage with the bouquet, a man in black walked up to her and blocked her way. "Excuse me, I'll take you to get your bonus."

She pushed her sunglasses happily and followed.

Harold, who was sitting in the corner, saw that the man in black didn't take Wendy to go down the stage but went to a strange place. He narrowed his sharp eyes and immediately turned around and left.

"What's wrong, Mr. Harold?" asked Jared, who caught up with him in a hurry.

Harold could not help but purse his lips into a thin line. He suddenly regretted that he had wagered so much money on Wendy for the eighteen odd today. They must hate her so much now.

'I can't let anything happen!' Harold left in a hurry.

Sherwood, who was sitting in the box, saw Harold hurrying out. He snorted and raised his eyebrows, "So worried? It seems that you care much about her! "

"Mr. Sherwood, are we going there?"

"Go, let's meet them!" Sherwood put away his knife and left with a sneer.

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