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   Chapter 54 Rig The Cards

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6942

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A woman in a red cheongsam smiled gently and answered, "We have strictly checked the list of competitors, please rest assured."

"Gee, is this a rigorous screening? He looks like a baby. " The man with a pair of triangular eyes walked to the side of Wendy, reaching out to take off her hat.

As soon as she saw him raising his hand, she turned her head and quickly stepped aside. She was wearing sunglasses, and no one saw her roll her eyes under the glasses.

"What's wrong with you? You cheated on me? Where did you find this crazy baby? "

"Ha-ha-ha, look at the hat!" The rest of them burst into laughter.

The men in black also stepped forward and stood in front of Wendy. One of them said coldly, "No fighting before the competition. Please cooperate."

"What... fuck! Well, I'll see to what level he is that can pass your check. Humph! " The young man stood aside.

The other men also looked at Wendy contemptuously. They were competing in the underground racing. There were accidents every time they took part in the game, which was dangerous but the bonus rich.

All the contestants here loved money instead of life. They were all arrogant, and they were not convinced.

But now a weird kid came to compete with them, which was a straight insult for them.

Because of Sherwood's identity, they didn't dare to say anything but just stood there quietly. Many of them were thinking about teaching the baby a lesson later.

They all despised Wendy, but they didn't find out that she said nothing from the beginning to the end. Normally, when someone heard such provocative words, they would roll up their sleeves and rush up to have a fight. However, she was standing calmly aside, as if she hadn't heard others' sneer and contempt.

The woman in a red cheongsam naturally glanced at Wendy and was secretly amazed by her calmness.

With a standard professional smile on her face, she said, "Now everyone can stand in a row casually. I will wash the cards in my hands a few times before sending them to everyone. The person with the higher car

t the cards on the table. Then she looked at Wendy and smiled sweetly. With a swipe of her right hand, the cards were arranged in order.

When Harold, who was sitting in the corner, saw this, immediately frowned. Jared, who was sitting next to him, immediately found that Harold didn't look well. He turned to the screen nervously and asked, "Mr. Harold, is there anything wrong with that woman?"

Jared had been with Wendy these days. He had already taken this poor and hardworking girl as his sister.

Now when he saw Harold's frown, his heart suddenly missed a beat.

Harold said in a cold voice, "She shuffled the last card for Wendy on purpose."

"What!" Jared looked at the screen in disbelief. The woman was shuffling so fast. How did Mr. Harold find out!

The woman began to distribute cards to everyone. Each of them had one. With a smile, she said, "Please show your cards."

"Ha ha, I'm the first!" Someone shouted excitedly when he found it was two of spades.

Wendy turned over her card and it was the third card of spades. The smallest one which means she would start from the end of the grid.

Today's new comer Wendy caught everyone's attention. As soon as she uncovered the three of spades, the triangular eye just began to sneer again. "Ho Ho, he is the last one. It seems that whether he can complete the competition or not is still a question!"

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