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   Chapter 52 Too Much Information

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Wendy wanted to rush forward to hug Harold, but Harold had no memory of the previous life. She could only suppress her emotion and smiled leisurely. "Why did you come to Y City, Harold? Do you have something to deal with? Or... Do you just miss me? "

"On business." Harold said with a faint smile.

He still kept his words brief and to the point as usual. Wendy bit her lips, raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "You should tell me when you came Y City."

"You didn't ask."

"Well, I thought you were in K City. No, I have earned a lot of money with Jared these days. But he didn't tell me you have come. I have to give a talk to him. "

Wendy ran downstairs and scolded Jared. He could do nothing but smile awkwardly.

Depressed, Jared thought, 'I couldn't tell you the truth. Mr. Harold didn't let me tell you. But what could I do.' It would be difficult for him to get between them!

Harold put down the book in his hand and also went downstairs to the living room. He glanced at the video that was on the TV and asked, "What's this?"

"This is the video of underground racing in G City." Speaking of this, the smile on Wendy's face disappeared. She said seriously, "Harold, I want to take part in this competition. Can you help me?"

"Dangerous." Harold said coldly as he watched the violent crash on a flaming racing car on the TV.

Wendy smiled confidently. "I think this won't be difficult for me. I'm confident that I can get the first place this time."

Harold looked at her confident eyes, still hesitating. Wendy stood up and sat beside him, blinked her big eyes and said, "Harold, I can do it. Believe me!"

Some of Wendy's hair fell on her cheeks. Harold couldn't help reaching out to tuck it behind her ear.

Startled by his sudden move, Wendy pressed her lips and stared at his face with expectation.

But Harold soon realized what he had just done. He withdrew his hand naturally and looked at the TV. "Okay," he nodded.

"Yeah! Harold agreed! Jared, Burke, and Black, don't

but raise his voice. "A woman?"

"A woman?" Hearing the exclamation of his subordinate, Sherwood sat up straight and picked up the form and read it carefully.

Name, Wend, gender, female, age, sixteen. These three columns of information were very shocking, not mention to others.

A female driver? And she was also a sixteen-year-old child? How could it be possible!

Even if they miswrote the age, there was a big difference between male and female!

There was too much information they couldn't accept. The office was silent. After a while, Sherwood asked coldly, "How many hours is left before the competition starts?"

"In less than five hours."

"Go now. Change the barrier."

"But, we have just changed the barrier."

It's common to change some obstacles in a couple of months. But they had changed the barriers not long before...

"Do as I said." Said Sherwood coldly.

"Yes." The subordinate bowed his head and said obediently.

Looking at the gender and age on the form, Sherwood ordered another subordinate, "Go and check who has been in touch with Burke these days. I want to see what on earth he is doing with the Wend!"

Sherwood grabbed a knife on the table and casted it! The knife point was inserted into an apple in the plate.

The white light was shining on the knife which gave out cold silver light.

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