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"What? Where are you going? " Although Alina looked calm, she was overjoyed inside.

Wendy "nervously" looked at her and said: "The class will organize camping on weekend. It costs twenty dollars for each classmate of our class."

Alina wanted to laugh at the thought of it. From the expression of Wendy, she could ensure that camping was absolutely a lie. It was not true.

She was very happy that Wendy wouldn't come back this weekend. It didn't matter where she would go, as long as she didn't come back. It was better if something happened outside!

She couldn't expose Wendy's lie now. She had to pretend to be a gentle and loving mother.

"For camping? I'll give you one hundred more. Is that enough? " Alina asked.

"That's enough. I don't want that much." With great acting, Wendy pretended to be telling the lie which made her uneasy.

Alina returned to her bedroom, took the money, walked down and handed it to Wendy. "Camp on the top of the mountain? There are so many mosquitoes in the mountain. You'd better take a few more repellents. "

"Yes, I know."

"Let me help you with your luggage."

"No, thanks. I can do it." Wendy shook her head and rejected.

Seeing the panic on Wendy's face, Alina was smug. Then she thought of tricking her and said with a frown, "We don't know whether it's dangerous or not in the mountain. How about I call your father? He agreed then you can go. "

"No, no. I called him and told him and he agreed." With that, Wendy pretended to be startled.

"It doesn't matter if your father agrees. What time will you get up tomorrow? Do you need me to wake you up? " Asked Alina.

Wendy shook her head and said, "We will leave after dinner. There's no need to wake up me."

"So soon? Time is running out. You'd better pack your things now. "

"Just a few clothes will be enough. Don't worry. I'm going to pack up."


Looking at Wendy's receding figure, Alina smiled.

Wendy ran quickly back to her room and closed the door. Her uneasy expression disappeared. She smi

ent. She looked at Jared with pitiful eyes and said, "Jared! I know you didn't agree with me to take part in the previous private competition, but you have seen my driving skills. It's not difficult for me to win underground racing. "

"No way! Mr. Harold will kill me if he knows this! " Jared shook his head firmly.

"Harold is not here. How could he know! Just say yes! " Said Wendy in a spoiled manner. If she knew the location of the underground racing, she would go there directly. She didn't have to work so hard to persuade them.

Jared shook his head more heavily, "Who told you that Mr. Harold wasn't here! He... "

"What! Harold is here! " Wendy asked excitedly.

Realizing that he had made a slip of the tongue, Jared racked his brain trying to find a way to explain. But before he could do anything, Wendy had already run upstairs.

She rushed to the second floor and found a room nearby. When she found the door was open, she quickened her pace.

A familiar figure was sitting at the desk and reading. Hearing the footsteps, the man looked up and their eyes met.

That was the man whom she had missed day and night! Wendy excitedly ran towards Harold and shouted, "Harold, what are you doing here?"

When Harold saw the undisguised affection in the girl's eyes, his long curly eyelashes trembled lightly. He grinned and said, "Wendy."

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