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   Chapter 46 Good For Nothing

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 7079

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Wendy smiled confidently, "We can make it. I will be the first place! Trust me! "

"But we are the last!" Black frowned and said, "You can't speed up when the cars block the way, unless you overtake and move ahead immediately when you start."

Seeing that Devin got the first place in rock paper scissors, Black said coldly, "He is the first again? Did he bribe before the competition? "

Seeing Black' anxious look, Wendy comforted him, "Don't worry! No matter which place he is in, the first place will be me! "

Black got calm when he saw the confident smile on her face and thought of the wonderful operation that Burke told him yesterday.

Hands on the steering wheel, Steve didn't see Burke's sports car from the rear view mirror.

"What are you looking at?" Asked Devin in puzzlement.

Steve answered vaguely, "I'm looking at Burke's car."

"Haha! He was the last one! Huh, I heard that a lot of people bet on Burke tonight. I want them to be lost without any money! " Said Devin with a cold smile.

Steve frowned and wanted to say something, but after thinking for a while, he swallowed it.

He was now fully focused on the competition. He would not waste his time in thinking about it.

The enchanting woman showed up at the start line again. Since the drivers had suffered a loss yesterday, everybody's sight was fixed on the black and white flag at the moment, without looking around anymore.

The woman had been coquettish there for a long time, but nobody had paid attention to her. She had to randomly throw her flag.

Wendy stepped on the gas, turned the steering wheel, changed the gear, sped up and then stepped on the gas.

"Phew!" Wendy's series of crazy operating made Black stunned. The start was so fast that their sports car jumped from the eighth place to the fourth place.

"Damn it! So fast! "

"Fuck! When did he run ahead of me! Unbelievable! "

"Speed up and don't let him overtake!"

The driver in third turned the steering wheel to block Wendy's car. Black frowned and said, "Damn it. He slowed down and block us like this, the top two will run fa

Generally speaking, when a car turned a corner, the driver would step on the brake and the car would turn a curve. However, Wendy stepped on the gas to turn the curves.

Normally, people would scared the car turned over and hit the guardrail, they would step on the brake and slow down when it swerved. Steve didn't know whether Wendy was not afraid of death or she was confident in the overbearing speed. She dared to step on the gas and swerve.

Steve was not a mind reader of Wendy, so he could only find the answer himself for this question.

The people at the finish line craned their necks to look at the coming sports car. A lot of people who bet on Burke shouted excitedly, "Wow! I win! "

"It's a big fortune!"

Wendy sped up and drove for a long distance before she stopped.

Comparing with the money, Burke was happier to see the black face of Devin and ran to them quickly.

Black, who was still in a shock, looked at Wendy in surprise. At first, he thought that the girl in front of him was just a little better at driving. But now, as he saw it with his own eyes, he knew that he and Wendy were not in the same level!

Black's heart skipped a beat. He looked at Wendy with burning eyes and asked, "Wendy, are you interested in underground racing? The bonus there one day is more than a month here! "

Hearing the money, Wendy raised her eyebrows curiously, "Underground racing?"

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