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   Chapter 45 Might Not Make It

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6716

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Jared nodded, "Okay! No problem! "

Jared looked at Wendy in a little astonishment. He couldn't believe that Wendy, a mere child, could give him so much money calmly. Tens of thousands was a huge amount of money at that time.

There was no joy or excitement on Wendy's face. Instead, she was very calm.

Then, Jared drove Wendy to the abandoned factory. Burke's sports car alongside the road had been waiting for them for a long time.

In order not to expose her and Jared's identities, Wendy got out of Jared's car and changed into Burke's sports car.

A young man with dark skin was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Burke opened the back door for her and smiled, "This is my friend Black."

"Hello." Wendy greeted him.

Black looked at her with interest and said, "Burke told me your excellent performance yesterday. Did you ever learn racing?"

"Yes, I have."

"You have such good skill. Do you plan to play a profession?" Black asked.

Wendy sighed, "I do want to be a professional racing driver, but my family doesn't agree, so I have to play secretly. You have to keep a secret for me. Otherwise if my family knows it, I will never be able to race. "

"Don't worry, Wendy. You are my God of wealth now. I will never sell you out." Burke swore, raising his finger.

Burke asked again, "Isn't that your father who sent you here just now?"

"No, he is my friend's bodyguard." Wendy sniggered, "I lied to you yesterday. I'm sorry!"

"It doesn't matter." Burke said generously.

Yesterday there were a lot of people talking about Black. Wendy knew that he was also a good driver. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "Is Black going to race or me?"

"Eh, well." Burke looked at Black in embarrassment and then looked at Wendy from the rearview mirror.

Black was curious about the little girl in front of him. He shrugged and said indifferently, "Wendy races. I want to see her performance tonight."

"I won't let you down. If you want to make a fortune, bet on m

her to come!

Interesting! He had underestimated his enemy yesterday! He didn't believe that he would be inferior to Wendy. Steve tried his best to gather all his energy. He had to have a good time with Wendy later.

On the other side, Jared was arriving late. Tonight, many outsiders had come to join in the fun. After witnessing what had happened yesterday, many people were betting their money on Burke.

However, there were so many changing factors about racing, such as a starting behind other drivers, the wrong starting operation and so on, which might lead to a loss in the end.

Steve performed well, which won the trust of all. Others had also found other helpers, today a few new faces were added.

Some people thought they might have a dark horse tonight, so they bet a lot on other people to win.

Jared had brought a large sum of money with him this evening, and he bet it all on Burke. Everyone was shocked by him.

Black intended to see Wendy's driving tonight, so he sat in the passenger's seat, and Burke was near the finish line.

Eight sports cars were speeding up the mountain. Black was unlucky today. He lost in the first round of Rock Paper scissors, and now he was the last one to start.

Black looked at Wendy with concern and said, "I'm sorry. It seems that we might not make it tonight."

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