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   Chapter 41 That's Impossible

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6798

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Wendy drove the car following behind Devin to the top of the mountain. At the front passenger seat, Burke kept watching the process of Wendy changing gear. Apparently, she was not a new driver.

Could this teenage girl really win this game? No, that's impossible. Burke didn't expect it.

In the car ahead of them, Devin kept looking back at the cars behind them and said, "I don't expect that Burke can find a helper. We don't know if the guy's skill is as good as Black. ."

"Humph!" The driver did not speak. He just glanced at the rearview mirror in disdain and sneered.

Eight sports cars arrived at the top of the mountain. Wendy was speechless as she watched the eight young men on the road. The starting order was the result of stone scissors cloth.

The man who won in the end lined first, and the others lined after him one by one.

Because of his bad luck tonight, Burke lined fourth.

Wendy stopped the car. There were many people gathering at the starting point to watch. And when Burke took a new comer tonight, everyone looked at his sports car curiously.

Wendy could feel everyone's eyes on her. She lowered her head and put down the cap a little bit. In the dim car, she was unable to be seen clearly.

A very cool woman in high-heeled shoes, with a black and white square flag in her hand, walked enchantingly to the starting point.

Taking a deep look at Wendy, Burke said, "I'm ready. Are you nervous?"

"Why should I feel nervous?" Staring at the flag on the woman's hand, Wendy put on a confident smile and said, "open your eyes wide to see my performance today!"

Seeing the arrogant and overconfident expression on Wendy's face, Burke sighed, "Okay, it's the best for you not to be nervous. It's not important whether you can get the first prize, but safety first! "

"Yes, I know." Wendy nodded.

The woman didn't ask everyone to make a preparation when she arrived at the starting point. She lifted her foot enchantingly to the side of the fence. This posture perfectly show

t two cars. Many onlookers curiously discussed, "who on earth is the helper of Burke! Awesome! "

"I suspect that Burke must have hired a professional racing driver, or else they wouldn't be so far behind of him. Unbelievable! I even couldn't see his car."

At the end line of the mountain foot, people took out beers, listened to the sound of the engine getting closer and closer, and watched the sports car coming closer and closer.

Someone shouted, "everyone, start to shake the beer bottles in your hands! get ready! Coming! "

"Devin! Devin!" Someone exclaimed with expectation.


"What? It seems that the car is Burke's! "

"No way! Ah ah ah! It's really Burke! "

Everybody looked at the cars whizzing past in disbelief. The young man pressed the timer and shouted excitedly, "6 minutes 12 seconds!"

"What! How is that possible? So soon! "

"Shit! He broke the record!"

"How did Burke get this helper? That's too fast!"

"No car behind? It can't be true! Devin's car was invisible! Did they have a false start? "

The young man next to Jared widened his eyes and said, "oh my God! You are so lucky today! "

"Thanks to your friend for lending me the money. Otherwise, I don't have enough money to bet!" Jared joked.

Someone questioned, "did they false started? How could it be so fast? That's impossible! "

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