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   Chapter 40 Private Racing

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Jared saw Wendy had been talking something with a young man. Then she quickly ran over to Jared and told her plan in a low voice.

"Absolutely not!" Jared shook his head immediately.

"It's okay! This is just a competition! " Wendy comforted, "you have seen my driving skills. I am confident to win the competition. Trust me!"

"No, you can't do that. It's too dangerous to take part in a private racing. And the cars they race with are not safe. If you act rashly, Mr. Harold will know and I will be punished! " Jared suggested.

With a slight smile, Wendy said, "if you don't tell him, how could Harold know? Don't worry. I'm really fine! The game is about to start. I have to go now no matter you agree or not! "

With that, Wendy turned around and said, "Jared, bet all your money on Burke."

"Miss Wen..." Before Jared could finish his words, she ran back to Burke without looking back.

Wendy left the petrified Jared behind. He reached into his pocket, fumbled for something and swallowed nervously.

Oh, my God...

Wendy trotted over and smiled to Burke, "Okay. Let's go!"

Burke gazed at Wendy doubtfully and asked, "are...are you sure? Do you really know how to drive? "

The little girl in front of him said she could help him tonight, which almost frightened Burke to death. He thought the girl was joking, but it turned out that she made a serious deal with him.

Being tempted, Burke agreed with a hesitation. If they won the first prize, the bonus would be divided equally.

"You'll see!" Wendy said with a smile.

After all, he was bound to lose tonight. Burke thought he could have a try.

"Fine! Let's go! "


"What's wrong?" Burke asked in confusion.

Wendy looked around and found that the people were all discussing who would be the winner and how much they would bet. No one paid any attention to her.

She stood on tiptoe and took off Burke's cap on

me tonight. My watch is very expensive. I can give it to him as collateral."

"Oh? Let me see your watch. "

Jared took off his watch and gave it to the man who knew the value of it. While looking at it, the man nodded and said, "nice. you can give me the watch as collateral. I can borrow you twenty thousand. Tell me who you bet on. I'll pay for it. "

"Thank you very much! I bet all my money on Burke!" Jared then looked at the young man who was taking notes.

"Wow!" The guys about looked at Jared as if he was crazy.

The young man lend the money to Jared frowned and said, "I have to make it clear to you first. Once the competition begins, you can't go back on your words. If Burke loses, I won't give you the watch! I have to make it clear to you! "

"Ok! I know. I bet all of my money on Burke. " Jared said with a smile.

The guy who had reminded Jared shook his head and heaved a sigh. It seemed that they could already foresee his pale face after he lost money.

Since Jared chose to bet on Burke calmly, people discussed on it in a low voice. But because of Burke's helper, Black' absence, most of them chose to bet on Devin.

Miss Wendy, don't let my money be wasted! Thinking of this, Jared raised his head to look at the sports car driving upwards.

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