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   Chapter 39 Making A Deal

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6574

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Wendy hid her go-kart in a corner of the abandoned factory. Then she got into Jared's car, and followed the screams and drove away.

The sports cars didn't stop until they reached the foot of the mountain. Then, the people got out of the cars, bantering with each other. Nobody knew what they were talking about. Some of them took out some reflective cones from their cars and put them on the road, stopping other cars.

Seeing the coming pick-up, the young man who placed the reflective cones frowned and walked forward. "The road is blocked. You can't go tonight. You need to take a detour!"

"I don't plan to go through the road. I just want to know what are you doing here?" Jared asked as he lowered the window.

The young man glanced at Jared and the little girl in the passenger seat, thought for a moment, and replied, "we're holding a race."

"A race? What kind of race? " Wendy asked curiously, pretending to be innocent.

"Car racing." The young man saw that Jared was driving an ordinary pick-up, and guessed that they might be father and daughter, instead of cops in plain clothes.

"A racing race? WOW! I've never seen a racing race before! Daddy, can we go there to have a look? " "I'm looking forward to it," Wendy said, tugging at Jared's sleeve.

Hearing that Wendy called him daddy, Jared started coughing violently. "Ahem, buddy, my daughter wants to see the racing. Could you let us go and see now?"

'Miss Wendy, you are scaring me to death by calling me daddy!' Jared thought.

"Carroll, what are you doing? Who are they? " A young man in his early twenties saw a strange car parking here and walked over.

Carroll explained roughly, "they want to come in and have a look. Can I let them in?"

Carroll's companion looked at the two people in the pick-up, thought for a while, then nodded and said, "Sure. It's also a luck for us to meet each other. It's good to have all kinds of fun."

"Great! Thank you! " Said W

friend didn't come with me tonight. If he were here, no one could be sure to win the championship tonight. My friend couldn't make it tonight, so Devin Lee should win. " Said Burke in an unconvinced manner.

"How much can you win in one racing?" Asked Wendy.

"At least tens of thousands. It's hard to say. Sometimes more than one hundred thousand." Said Burke, shaking his head.

Tens of thousands of dollars was a huge sum of money to Wendy now! Many families couldn't earn tens of thousands even if they had worked for more than ten years!

"Will Devin Lee hiring a helper destroy the fairness of the competition? Is it allowed a helper in this game? "

"Yes, we can ask for help. We don't require the man to race in person. If Devin himself took part in the game, he would have lost everything, including his underwear." Burke said with disdain.

Then things would be much easier! Wendy asked, "do you need help now?"

"So what? At present, no one could be better than the helper that Devin found! I wonder where did he find the helpers. They are really very skillful! " Under the moonlight, Burke looked at his watch and sighed, "the competition is about to start. I have to go now."


"What? What's up? "

Wendy smiled mysteriously, "you must be interested in a deal I make!"

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