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   Chapter 38 Practicing

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"What! Skip class? " Jade scolded harshly, "how dare a young girl skip class? Where is she going at such a late time! Damn it. She should behave herself at such a young age. I will break her leg when she comes back. "

"Mom, don't be angry. Calm down!" Alina hurried to help Jade.

Jade leaned against the sofa and frowned, probably because she was suddenly excited and had high blood pressure, "as expected, the same as her mother, something rude. Now that Derek decided to raise her, I have to give her some discipline, otherwise in the future people will say that we are ignorant of home education! "

Alina sighed, "Mom, I think you'd better pretend that you don't know anything."

"Why?" Jade asked in confusion.

"Nowadays, all kids are a little rebellious. If you restrain her too much, she will be more rebellious. Mom, just pretend that you don't know, and don't tell Derek. I'll talk to her tonight. " Alina explained.

Jade shook her hand and said, "No, she won't listen to you. She won't be obedient until we give her a good beating."

"You can't hit her. What if Derek knows that? He will blame you. Wendy is a good girl. I should talk to her nicely. She might listen to me. " "Can you just pretend that you don't know anything?" Alina continued with a smile.

"Good girl? Our Hobson has never skipped school. It was late at night. She didn't study in class or go home. God knew where she was! What kind of good girl was she? Humph! " "For your sake, I won't hit her, I can pretend that I don't know anything," said Jade discontentedly! But she dares to skip class again. I must give her a good lesson! "

While giving a massage to Jade, Alina said, "Okay, okay. Mom, don't be angry."

Then, Alina changed the topic of conversation smartly and chatted with Jade about what had happened in Y City recently. After that, she helped Jade upstairs to have a rest.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Derek came to the living room to watch TV. When he came downstairs, Alina


The factory was large, and there were many abandoned steel products there that hadn't been cleaned up.

One end of the board Jared was holding leaned against the back of the car, and the other end of the board pressed against the ground.

Wendy drove off the kart. She slowly drove it around the factory. The steel and steel pieces on the ground were just used as barriers. She had a general impression of the factory's terrain and environment.

After reaching the factory gate, Wendy stepped on the gas and rushed into the factory. When she met the steel and rubbish which were used to stop her way, she quickly turned the steering wheel and drove around the factory dexterously.

Looking at the time on his watch, Jared started to count the time. Wendy's speed was faster and faster. She not only ran the lap, but also tried to use the obstacles around her to improve her reaction ability.

"Waah... Waah..." A string of sound of engine rose from afar suddenly.

Wendy pressed the brake and listened carefully. It was a sound of a sports car. Obviously, the car was modified.

And it was heavily modified.

As the sports car roared past the factory, and there were also screams of people, Wendy turned to look at Jared and said, "Jared, let's go to have a look secretly. What do you think?"

"As you wish!"

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