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   Chapter 37 Skipping Class

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Harold's subordinate bent over to tell Wendy where her car was.

"Miss Wendy, who is this?" Derek's driver asked, frowning.

The driver came to pick up Wendy as usual in the afternoon and saw a man in suit stopping her at the school gate the moment she walked out of the school. The man was saying something to her.

The driver was well aware that Derek cared a lot about Wendy's safety. A man suddenly appeared and stopped her. The driver was alerted and quickly asked.

Wendy turned around and smiled, "he's the father of one of my classmates. My classmate got sick this afternoon and didn't come to class. They don't know what the homework is. That's why he asked me. "

Harold's subordinate looked at Wendy, who was lying through her teeth. He smiled, "sorry to have taken up your time."

The driver shook his head and said, "never mind."

Wendy waved her hand to Harold's subordinate and winked at him. "If you have nothing else to say, I'll go back. Bye."

"Bye." The subordinate replied with a smile.

They waved goodbye.

The driver didn't get suspicious. He drove Wendy home for dinner and sent her to school.

The idea that the go-kart was nearby made Wendy itch to practice driving.

She took the textbook out of the drawer and danced with the tip of the pen quickly on the assignment book. She finished the assignment arranged by the teacher in one breath.

Quietly, she scanned around the quiet classroom. Some of her classmates were doing homework with their head lowered; some were reviewing and some were totally absent.

For example, the boy next to Wendy finally didn't sleep, but sat in his seat in a daze. A page of the book in front of him hadn't been turned for a long time.

She wondered whether the teacher would go on patrol or not in a while. On a second thought, Wendy took out her practicing book and tore one piece of it. She lowered her head and wrote it down on the paper. Naturally, she pushed the paper towards the boy.

Steve Chen was observing the corridor.

ina was massaging Jade when her phone rang. She walked up to the phone and answered, "hello."

"Hello, is that Wendy's home?"

With a gleam shining in her eyes, Alina replied with a smile, "yes. who's that?"

"Oh, this is Haley Li. I'm Wendy's head teacher. Are you her mother?" Haley asked.

"Yes. What's up?" asked Alina

"Well, I didn't see Wendy when I went on patrol tonight. So I called you to ask if she has returned home."

"Yeah, she is at home." A quick thought came to Alina's mind. "She doesn't feel well, so I asked the driver to pick her up," she answered.

Haley was relieved. She knew about the car accident of Wendy. "It's good to know that she is at home. I was worried that she might skip class! If she is not feeling well, why not take several days off to have a rest at home? Her health is the most important thing. "

"Okay. Thank you, Miss Haley! Do we need to go through some formalities at school? "

"You don't need to go through the paperwork unless you want to apply for leave at daytime."

"Okay, I know." With a smile, Alina said, "thank you for calling me."

Haley shook her head and smiled, "it's my pleasure."

After they chatted for a while, they hung up the phone. Jade frowned and asked, "who is on the phone?"

"Wendy's head teacher called and said that she had skipped school." Alina sighed.

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