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   Chapter 36 The Kart Arrived

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The students in the classroom all turned to look at them. It was a human nature to gossip.

Class one was a key class. Most of students in this class had passed the exam on their own.

Shelly was brought in by her parents' money. Her usual way of showing off her girlish manner made everyone have no good opinion of her.

Seeing that Wendy had made the biggest achievement in the whole province in her grades, the students were immediately interested in their fight.

"What do you mean by saying what do you mean?" Wendy asked with a frown, "it's almost time for the class. What on earth do you want to say?"

"You are an illegitimate daughter. What are you proud of? Rubbish! " Shelly sneered, "I'm very angry with you now. It makes me happy that you call me Boss Shelly. Otherwise, I will ask someone to hit you! "

"Illegitimate daughter? Did I hear it wrong? "

"It seems that they have known each other for a long time."

"I saw Shelly smoking with some boys from other high schools after school the other day. It seems that Wendy would have been hit by Shelly's boys lately."

Wendy looked at Sherry as if she was a fool. With so many things on her mind, she really had no energy to get entangled with the rebellious girl in her age.

"Say something! Are you dumb? " Shelly reached out and pounded Wendy's desk. She did look like a big boss.

Many of the girls in the class were startled. They looked around nervously.

Bess was boiling with anger. She rolled up her sleeves and ran up to her, as if trying to give her a punch. Wendy immediately shook her head at her, with a frown.

Bess clenched her teeth and stood aside, ready to hit her anytime.

"How many points did you get in the examination?" While writing her name on the book, Wendy asked, "what's your scores in the high school entrance exam?"

"I...well... Why do you ask this? " Shelly glanced unnaturally at the boy sat next to Wendy.

"Judging from the tone of uncertainty, it seems that you have got a very bad exam!" Wendy put the pen cap on and looked at her calmly. She smiled and said, "You don't need t

e daughter can be in such harmonious situation.'

Wendy ignored Alina's courtesy. She went back to her bedroom to take a nap after dinner, and then she got up to take Derek's car to school.

Sitting in the living room, Alina picked up the teacup and took a sip of the tea. Her eyes darkened when she thought of Wendy's guard against her.

After class, Wendy sat in her seat to work on her notes. Her classmates sitting at the front desk and back wanted to chat with her. Seeing her serious look, they could only say something but stop on a second thought.

Shelly was still unsatisfied with Wendy, so she sneered her from time to time. But Wendy even didn't look at her for one second. It made Shelly really awkward and bored.

Finally, Shelly had no choice but to suppress her humiliation in her heart. She gritted her teeth and whispered, "Wendy, just wait and see! Humph!"

The school bell rang. Wendy picked up her schoolbag and walked out of the school. Her eyes lit up when she saw a figure not far away.

The figure also saw her and came up quickly, "Miss Wendy."

"Why are you here? Is Harold also here? " Wendy asked excitedly.

"Mr. Harold is not here." Harold's subordinate shook his head and replied, "but we have already sent the kart here."

"Great! Where is it? " Wendy was a little disappointed to know that Harold didn't come. But it was a good news that the kart arrived!

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