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   Chapter 34 Scheming

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Sitting in Wendy's room, Derek looked at his wife Alina busy cleaning, without saying anything nor helping her.

Without asking him why he was sitting there, Alina cleaned the room carefully.

After cleaning, Alina turned to look at Derek. "How's mom?"

"The doctor said she's all right. I've asked a servant to the hospital to look after her. If you are convenient, you can go to see her tomorrow."

"Okay." Alina nodded gently.

Looking at the tidy room, Derek felt moved and said, "Thank you for your toil these years."

"Not at all! This is what I should do. " Even though she was shaking her head, tears had already fallen from Alina's eyes.

Derek came up to hug her and sighed, "I know it's cruel to ask you to take good care of Wendy, but I still have to say, please take good care of her. She was a poor girl who had lost her father's love since she was a child, and now her mother had a car accident. She might be a bit impulsive sometimes! You should have a good talk with her. Don't make any conflict. "

"Well, I will take good care of her, just as my own child." Alina sniffed and nodded.

Derek pulled Alina down to have a seat. He stared at the woman who married him but he never looked at carefully, sighed in his heart.

He had always been dissatisfied and disappointed with his commercial marriage, and after marriage, he had been cold to her, completely concentrating on his business.

It was not until what happened today that he realized that Alina was a good wife. She took good care of Wendy and carefully arranged a room for her. She didn't find fault with her just because of her identity as an illegitimate daughter.

He was moved by her generosity and kindness.

"What do you want? I'll buy it for you tomorrow! " Asked Derek.

"It's good that you're with me. I don't need anything else." Said Alina while shaking her head.

After bathing, Wendy went back to her room. Hearing such disgusting dialogue, she rubbed the goose bumps on her hands and shivered.

"Wendy, come on here!" Derek l

ing Dong."

Derek quickly went to open the door and saw Wendy standing at the door, with beads of sweat on her forehead. He heaved a sigh of relief and let her in hastily. "Wendy, where have you been in the early morning! We were so worried about you! "

"I went for a morning practice!" Wendy wiped the sweat from her face and went upstairs.

Staring at Wendy's receding figure, a hint of slyness flashed through Alina's eyes.

"She almost freaked me out." "Get her a key later," Derek shook his head and added.

"Okay." Alina nodded and said, "Since you are awake, why not have breakfast while it is still hot?"


When Alina returned to the dining room, she noticed her son's resentful gaze. Hobson said with dissatisfaction, "Why is there no meat in the sandwich?"

"For losing weight."

"How can I eat without meat? At least a ham sausage." "Ham sausage for me please, mom," said Hobson in a spoiled manner.

"No way!" Alina said to her son in a serious tone. Jade had totally doted on Hobson and made him a fool. Therefore, Alina decided to discipline him.

It was different now.

Wendy quickly went downstairs and ate up the breakfast. Hobson ate the sandwich with vegetables, and it tasted like grass. He didn't eat up half an hour.

Seeing that it was getting late, Derek had to let him get his breakfast eaten in the car.

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