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   Chapter 32 An Old Story

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In the doorway, Wendy looked at the elegant middle-aged woman in front of her. Her right hand was held by Derek, and her left hand was clenched tightly.

She kept telling herself to calm down. She had managed to suppress her impulse to hit Alina.

Wendy stared at Alina with resentment. Judging from the terrified look on Alina's face, it was obvious that she knew her.

How suspicious! The car accident was likely to be planned by her!

'Is somebody who should have been dead in front of her frightening her? Ha-ha!' Wendy stared at her coldly!

Looking at the broken teapot on the ground with a frown, Derek said, "What's wrong with you?"

After Alina came to her senses, she said anxiously, "Wait a moment. After I weep out, you could come in. There are glasses all over the floor and your feet will be hurt."

After finishing her words, Alina immediately went to take up a broom and swept the glass on the floor.

Hearing the loud noise from the living room, Jade came over with a frown. "Alina, what's wrong?"

Alina's mind was in a total mess. Since she didn't hear what Jade said, she kept asking in her heart, 'Why is she here? Why!'

After Alina quickly swept the floor, Derek took Wendy in the living room.

Looking at the girl next to Derek, Jade asked in confusion, "Derek, who is she?"

"Mom, this is my child. She..."

Before Derek could finish his explanation, Jade glared at him with her wide open eyes and shouted, "What? Your child! How could you have a child! No. Is she the daughter of Sara? "

"Yes! Wendy is our daughter! " Nodded Derek.

Wearing a long face, Alina lowered her head, saying nothing. Upon hearing Jade's roar, Alina looked up at her in surprise.

Jade shouted angrily, "Derek, after you pissed off your father to death, now you want to piss me off! How dare you still keep a relationship with that woman! Didn't I tell her to have an abortion that day? How dare she still keep the baby! "

"Mom! What happened t

oosened his grip on Wendy, rushed over, picked up his mom and rushed out, then drove to the hospital immediately.

The turmoil in the house calmed down again. Hobson was so absorbed in his dinner that he didn't notice anything.

The nanny was still staying in the kitchen. In the living room, only Alina and Wendy were left to look at each other.

Staring at Wendy for a while, Alina lowered her eyes, took a deep breath and walked up to her. "Are you Wendy? Which hospital is your mother in now? "

"It's none of your business." Wendy's eyes were as cold as ice.

"I heard that your mother had a car accident, so I intend to see her tomorrow." "Don't be afraid. Now that your father brought you back, I will take good care of you," Alina added.

Wendy said, "My mother is in the hospital of K City. I thought you can't visit her tomorrow."

"In K City? Why is she there? " Alina was in a daze.

"Oh? It seems that you are surprised to see my mother in K City. Is she far away from where you have imagined? " Wendy asked as she stared at Alina's face.

Somewhat guilty, Alina lowered her eyelids and said, "Imagine? what do you mean? I'm just caring about your mother. "

"Care about your rival in love?" Wendy raised her eyebrows and smiled sarcastically, "I didn't expect you to be so considerate!"

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