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   Chapter 29 Farewell To Everyone

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"Mom shall stay here. I'll come to see her during my holiday!" Wendy said after a moment's thought.

Now Alina was her primary suspect to kill her mother. She didn't think she had the power to murder her mother in K City.

However, things were different in Y City. If her mother transferred to Y City with them, Alina would do the same thing to her. At that time, she would go to school and the medical staff would not be able to stay with her mother all day long. It's easy for Alina to kill her mother.

Then no one would be able to protect her. It was the best choice for her to stay in K City.

"Okay." Derek nodded at Harold and said gratefully, "Take care of Sara for me! Thank you! "

"My pleasure." Harold waved his hand and said.

"Shall we go back now?" Derek asked for Wendy's idea.

Wendy shook her head, "You just came to here today. Let's go back tomorrow."

"Okay, it's up to you." Derek said with a loving smile.

When Harold heard that Wendy was about to leave, he looked out of the window and seemed to be indifferent.

However, if anyone took a closer look at him, the disappointment on his face was evident.

"I want to go back to the club and say farewell to everyone. After all, I've stayed with them for a few days and we've been good partners." Wendy looked at Harold and asked.

Harold tipped a man in black a wink. The man in black nodded and said, "Miss Wendy, this way please."

"Okay, thank you!" Then she and Derek left the office with the man.

Looking at the receding figure of Wendy, Charles sighed, "Alas, Wendy is so talented in racing. It's such a pity for her to give up! Why don't you stay her? "

"It's her decision!" Harold said coldly.

"But you could also ask her! I didn't say that you should force her! " Charles looked at Harold up and down with curiosity and said, "You seldom show any interest in anything! You've been with her for these days. Do you have a crush on her? She is still so young. You are such a brute! "

Harold looked at Charles as if he were an idiot. He said flatly, "I just appreciate and sympathized with her!"

"Appreciate? How could you appreciate others? " Charles's eyes widened and he couldn't believe his ears.

Originally, he just felt that there was something wrong with Harold, so he joked with him to make fun of him. It was out of his expectation that Harold even said that he appreciated others. As Harold's good friend from childhood, except for Jeremy Xu, he had never seen Harold appreciating anyone.

As far as he knew, Harold always looked down upon others. Even he was often disliked by him.

Now, he knew that Harold appreciated a girl, and the girl was several years younger than him. It was really surprising to Charles.

Charles asked curiously, "Why are you appreciating her?"


"Confidence? What a fucking reason! I'm confident. Why haven't I seen you appreciate me before? " Charles asked with discontent.

"You are narcissistic." With a cold glance at Charles, Harold stood up and left.

Hearing this, Charles sitting on the sofa jumped up and scolded, "Hey, you call me narcissistic! Don't be back! "

The staff who we

re busy in the hospital heard the noise. Someone frowned and asked, "It seems to be the voice of Mr. Charles."

"I heard the conversation. It seems that Mr. Harold said something that stimulated Mr. Charles."

"Leave them alone. Let's go to Sara's ward to check her condition,"


In the Dragon club, someone saw Wendy going out and then came back. He was confused and asked: "Where did you go, Wendy? I want to see if you can break the record today! "

"Wendy, have you broken the record today?"

"Wendy, come on! You will be the top winner in Youth Race! "

Along the way, the staff all greeted her. Derek didn't expect Wendy to be so valued in the club.

It could be seen from their eyes that they were not friendly to Wendy because of the power of Sane and Derek.

Appreciation and admiration could be seen in their eyes.

Break the record? How could Wendy? Derek looked at Wendy up and down in surprise.

She took Derek to the lounge and said, "You stay here. I have to say goodbye to everyone."


Wendy strode towards Ken's office and gave him a brief account of her situation. "Now my father doesn't allow me to race cars, but I don't want to give up! I'll be there in Youth Race! I won't be able to participate in the recent training. Ken, please give me a map of Youth Race and I will study the route carefully in Y City. "

Knowing that Wendy didn't give up, Ken felt much relieved. "No problem! I will ask the coach to give you a training plan then. You should focus on your training in Y City. You are a talented girl. I hope you can hold on and do not give up! "

"Well, I will not give up!" Wendy nodded firmly.

"If you have any questions, you can call me and discuss with me. The racing will start in around October. You'd better come back to K City a week in advance. At that time, we need to practice hard to get familiar with the track."

"You are talented, but there are a lot of racers working-hard. Don't be careless and complacent," Ken continued earnestly.

"Yes! I understand! "

They chatted for a while. The coach came in with the competition map, and Jack followed.

"Give the map to Wendy."

The coach handed the map to her, and asked, "What's the map for?"

After Ken giving them a general explanation of Wendy's situation, the coach frowned and asked, "Is one week enough? Isn't it too hasty? Wendy is a top choice for this competition! "

"Time is enough! I will practice hard in Y City. Don't worry, coach! " Said Wendy.

Jack frowned. Thinking for a while, he opened his mouth and said, "Come on! Let's have a final victory of Youth Race! By the way, I will be the winner!"

"Okay! Let's together! " Seeing how confident Jay was, Wendy smiled.

"Hey, hey, you two. Be modest, okay? Except you two, I also know some brilliant racers! You can't be careless! " The coach picked up the map, rolled it up and knocked on their heads.

"I have also told Wendy about this. She promised me that she would not be arrogant." Ken smiled.

"Got it, coach!" Wendy and Ken smiled at each other.

After talking with them for a while, Wendy went back to the villa of Harold in K City with Derek.

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