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   Chapter 27 The Most Possible Criminal

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She would never have the wrong person!

The middle-aged woman in the picture was exactly the woman who got off the off-road vehicle in her previous life! The woman who got off the vehicle and sneered at her!

In her previous life, the murderer who had caused the miserable death of her mother and Harold, was actually Derek's wife!

So this time, in this life, was the car accident on her mother also arranged by her?

With her hands clutching the papers, Wendy almost wrinkled the papers. She looked at the picture with her eyes scarlet. How she wished she could find the woman immediately and tear her into pieces!

Charles saw that Wendy stopped flipping, and her arms inexplicably trembled. Hatred and bloodthirsty filled her eyes.

"Wendy, what's wrong?" Charles asked curiously. But at this time, Wendy was immersed in her hatred and didn't hear him.

Seeing that Wendy didn't answer him, he stood up from the sofa and walked to her side. He slightly bent over and looked at the documents.

He had seen all the information about Wendy and her mother. At that time, Sane and Harold had suspected Derek's wife, Alina, when they were discussing the identity of the second group of killers. He took a quick glance at the photo at that time, and there were still some memories in his mind.

He looked at the picture and noticed that Wendy was acting strangely. He asked, "Wendy, what's wrong?"

Wendy didn't reply. He seemed to hear her mumbling something. He bent down to listen, and then he heard a low and cold voice, "Wait and see. If I find out that you are really the criminal, I will definitely make you worse than death!"

"Criminal?" In surprise, Charles asked, "Wendy, are you also suspecting her?"

It was only showed that Wendy had seen Derek before in the papers. She had never met anyone else in Derek's family. How could she suspect Alina?

Charles's curiosity was killing him, but Wendy still stayed in her own world and didn't pay much attention to Charles.

The man in black who sent her the documents looked at her up and down. He quietly retreated.

Harold's subordinates reported it to him, who was enjoying the sunshine on the roof of the building. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "Oh? It seems that she knows something! "

Harold went to the lounge.

As soon as Harold came in, he saw the vicious look on Wendy's face. Wendy crumpled the documents and threw them aside. He sat down on the sofa and asked directly, "Do you suspect that your mother's accident had something to do with Derek's wife?"

"Yes! Ninety percent possibility! " Wendy said coldly.


Uh... She was rendered speechless!

If she confessed to Harold, the latter would still think she was insane!

In this life, Wendy didn't have any evidence to prove that Alina was the planner of the car accident. But the tragic death of the three of them in her previous life must have something to do with her.

Her mother was such a kind and gentle woman. She seldom had conflict with others.

The relationship between her mother and Derek was unclear. Indeed, Alina had the biggest motivation to commit a crime!

"What are you going to do?" "You want to avenge your mother?" asked Charles. My grand

father has sent someone to check, but P County is too undeveloped. There is no monitor to find out who is the driver. "

Yes! Since there was no evidence yet, and she was in K City. How to investigate? Where from?

"Do we just let the murderer get away with law? I'm not going to give up! I have to think of a way! " Wendy shouted angrily.

A man in black quickly walked to Harold and whispered, "Mr. Harold! Derek is waiting outside the club to see you. "

"What!" Wendy couldn't believe her ears.

When she was thinking about how to find out the truth of the accident, Derek suddenly appeared outside the club.

Harold turned around and saw Wendy, who was looking at him anxiously. He nodded and said, "Bring him here."

"Yes, sir!" The man in black retreated and brought Derek back.

What's the relationship between Derek and her mother? Is he her father? What happened between him and her mother!

She took a deep breath to adjust her state of mind. Soon, she heard some hurried footsteps.

She turned around and saw a worn-out face. Derek excitedly overtook the subordinates and strode to Wendy, shouting, "Wendy, thank God you're safe! I heard that you and your mother had a car accident, so I went to the hospital but the nurses said that you had transferred! I've been looking for you everywhere. I'm worried about you! "

"Thank God you are all right!" The emotions shown in Derek's words made the onlookers moved.

Before Wendy could answer, Derek continued to ask, "Where's your mother? She should be okay, too, right? Where is she? "

"In the hospital." Wendy said indifferently.

"Ho hospital? Was she hurt badly? " Derek's smile froze on his face.

"She's out of danger now, but she doesn't have any signs of waking up yet."

"What! Which hospital is your mother in? Take me there! " Derek asked anxiously, grabbing Wendy's wrist tightly.

He was out of control and didn't notice his strength. Wendy frowned with pain.

Noticing her facial expression, Harold glanced at her and quickly grabbed Derek's hand. "Let go of her!"

"What?" Not knowing what Harold had said, Derek turned to look at Harold.

"You hurt her." Harold said with a frown.

"Oh no! Wendy, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it. " Derek loosed his hand and said with apology.

Wendy was going to take part in the Domestic Go-karting Youth Race next month. At the crucial moment, she must be careful not to get hurt!

Harold's action warmed Wendy's heart. She nodded at him gratefully and said, "Harold, shall we go to the hospital now?"


Harold's subordinates took them to Sane's hospital.

Sara had been transferred from the ICU to the general ward. Looking at the haggard woman on the bed, Derek sat on the edge of the bed, with his hands covering his face and weeping quietly.

"I'm sorry, Sara! It's all my fault. I didn't take good care of you! "

A middle-aged man in his forties started crying in front of so many people. Startled, Wendy looked at his back. His constant apology and guilt made her clench her fists.

'Now you regret it. What did you do previously?'

Seeing him crying bitterly, Wendy suppressed the resentment in her heart. When he calmed down later, she needed to know all the truth!

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