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   Chapter 24 You Should Take Medicine

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Clenching the steering wheel tightly, Wendy turned around to look at the road with serious eyes as the staff whistled.

In the first round, there were five cones, which needed to be passed in a zigzag.

Wendy's hands turned the steering wheel swiftly. She stepped on the gas and then loosed it. The whole process was quite rhythmic.

They couldn't believe that she could pass through the first five reflective cones within less than six seconds, and none of them hit down.

"Wow! It looks nice! "

"Wendy always surprises me. What a genius she is!"

"She can take part in the field competition with such excellent skills! Oh my God! "

Harold was standing in the periphery. Looking at Wendy who was in high spirits, he could not take his eyes off her.

What a mysterious girl.

The second round was a circle. Wendy kept on adjusting the steering wheel and the accelerator. She made a circle around the reflection cones smoothly.

Different from her teammate in the demonstration, Wendy had never stepped on the brake the whole time, while the blue liquid kept spraying out from the beaker on the bonnet.

No one explained to Wendy about the beaker after the demonstration. She vaguely guessed it was one of the tests, but she followed her own logic and ignored the liquid in the beaker.

She also passed the third round successfully. The coach said to the teammates, "All of you, listen carefully to the sound of the motor. How rhythmic it is!"

"So far, she hasn't crashed any reflective cone!" A staff member with a second chronograph took a glance at the car Wendy was driving and said with a smile, "We're about to make a new record again!"

"What!" People gathered around excitedly and wanted to see the time.

The last test was to stop the car perfectly. Wendy sped up and stopped firmly at the white line.

"Wow! Perfect! " The teammates exclaimed.

"Forty six seconds!" The staff shouted excitedly.

"Oh my God! This score is three seconds faster than the best record! "

"Genius! Did she really never learn how to drive? Anyone who haven't studied for a few years can't make it. "

"Coach Wu, I don't think even a coach like you can get the score."

"Me? Nor can you! "

Wendy drove the car over and got out. "How much time does it take?" she asked.

"Amazing! 46 seconds!"

Wendy pointed at the beaker and asked, "Why did you use it?"

A coach explained, "The liquid in the beaker is mainly to test your control over the steering wheel, the turn of the direction and boldness."

"Judging from your performance just now, you're all five-star!" The coach patted her shoulder happily.

Now she got a good reputation in the club and the club members from other team heard her and came over to watch.

Wendy, who had been watched for the whole day, went home together with Harold in his car. Her emotions were released because of the long lost race. Humming a song, she looked out of the window at the beauty that disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"You have a good mood?" A cold voice asked.

Wendy turned to him with a smile, "not bad."

"Nice driving."

Was he complimenting her? Wendy blinked her ey

es and smiled, "thanks for your compliment!"

"Who are you?" Harold asked in a cold voice.

Wendy paused for a moment, and she quickly realized what Harold meant. She asked, "what do you mean? I don't understand. "

"You have never learned how to drive, but you have such a good skill. You can cheat them, but you can't cheat me! " Harold stared coldly at Wendy, "who the hell are you! What's your purpose? "

"I..." Gritting her lower lip, Wendy looked at Harold, hesitated. After a while, she sighed and said, "Okay, I'll tell you everything."

Harold raised his eyebrows, waiting for her answer.

"Do you believe in the previous life and this life?" Asked her.

"No." Harold said without any hesitation.

Wendy said, "Harold, I'm telling you the truth! I'm your girlfriend from previous life! "

The driver, who was driving quietly, heard her words and lost control of the car, which rushed to the green belt.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak The driver braked hard to stop the car. Fortunately, his reaction was quick. He almost made a big mistake.

"Ouch!" Without the seat belt tied, Wendy slumped into Wendy's arms and hit her forehead hard in his chest.

Smelling the familiar scent, Wendy leaned against Harold's arms and looked at him deeply.

Feeling the soft body in his arms, Harold, who always did not like to contact others, was slightly stunned. There was no aversion and rejection in his heart.

He recalled that the doctor had said Wendy was suffering from severe paranoia. He scowled and threw her into a nearby seat by her collar.

"No next time." Harold said coldly.

What? Wendy confused but the driver answered, "Yes! I'm sorry Mr. Harold, I won't do it next time! "

It turned out he was not talking to her. Wendy turned to look at Harold and asked, "Harold, I've already told you the answer. Why didn't you say anything?"

"It's time for you to take your medicine." Harold said coldly.

"I'm not sick! What medicine! Do you think I am crazy? " Wendy asked in surprise.

Harold stared at her. His eyes showed he did think so.

"If I wasn't your girlfriend in my previous life, how could I know your name?" Wendy admitted.

But Harold didn't believe her. He replied flatly, "On the newspaper."

Harold had been in the newspaper for several times because he won the math competition prizes so many times. It is highly possible for Wendy to see his picture and know his name in the newspaper.

With her head down, Wendy felt a little distressed. "I'm telling you the truth, but you think I'm talking nonsense. It's true!"

From the serious expressions on Wendy's face, Harold could hardly tell that what she had said was true.

But he had observed her for many days. Except for her outstanding driving skills, everything was normal.

Her driving skill could only be described as talent.

He had asked his subordinates to investigate it over and over again. But he had found out that the identity of Wendy was no problem.

As for the documents about Sara before she gave birth to Wendy, the subordinates could only attributed it to the big earthquake in P County many years ago, so the documents might have been lost.

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