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   Chapter 22 Being Surrounded

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Then Jack glanced at Wendy and explained, "Racing is not a one-man competition, it may cost less time when there is only one person. But there were dozens of racing cars on the track. How could you maintain the speed? It's impossible! "

The other members thought for a while, nodded and said, "Jack is right! A few days ago, I took part in an indoor go-karting race, but the kart in front of me was stuck and didn't allow me to overtake. I was so angry! "

"I also want to compete with Wendy! She runs fast in a single lap, but it doesn't mean she can do well in the game. There's a lot of karts in the game. If you don't drive with your full concentration, you'll easily hit someone's kart! "

The coach looked at the excited young men, knowing that the competition in the club had been a good thing for them as the result of Wendy's excellent performance yesterday had stimulated them.

After all, Wendy, is the girl that Harold had recommended to the club. He also had to take Wendy's thoughts into consideration.

The coach looked at her and asked, "Wendy, what about you?"

"Okay! I also want to compete with you! " Wendy nodded with a smile.

The coach told the club stuff to check the karts over and then let them select their go-karts by themselves.

Because Wendy's one-lap performance was the best, her kart stop at a little further away from the starting line. The rest of them were arranged in order after her by their one-lap performance.

Jack was in the second place. His hands were tightly holding on the steering wheel.

What happened yesterday flashed in his mind. He had to seize the chance to overtake Wendy, for her reaction to start was slow.

Many people thought so.

Wendy knew what they were thinking. She smiled and thought: "Want a overtaking? Then have a try!

The five green lights slowly turned on. When the lights were out, Wendy immediately started her kart, shifted the gear, sped up and continued to drive.

Jack started his kart, turned the steering wheel and prepared to overtake. But the kart in front of him had already flown away.

"What! It's impossible! " Jack exclaimed in disbelief.

Although he was surprised, he immediately adjusted his mood, changed the gear and followed her.

The race that was being held spread throughout the entire club, many people put down their work and ran over to watch.

After sending Wendy to the club, Harold didn't leave. He sat with Ken. Looking at the kart faster than yesterday on the screen, he thought of the girl who was in a bright smile after taking off her helmet.


After a lap, all the other kids were almost half a lap behind, except Jack and the other kid who could slightly follow Wendy.

"Damn it! The one lap's speed record is broken again! "

"Ken! We did find a treasure! Why not we send Wendy to the kart racing in the next month. "

"yeah! I was so busy recently that I forgot it! I guess there is not a deadline for registration? Register for her! " Ken urged.

The club was in a cheerful atmosphere. Everyone fixed their eyes on the screen.

"What? A kart in front of Wendy? Didn't she always run first? " Someone asked in confusion.

A colleague next to him patted him on the head and laughed, "Are you awake? Wendy was always the first! The kart in front of her is the last one! "

"Gee! It seems that I am indeed not awake! ha-ha! Wendy is so cool! " The staff smiled awkwardly.

Hearing the discussion of Wendy, Harold smile

d slightly.

Looking at Wendy that he could not catch up with, Jack clenched his teeth and held the steering wheel tightly.

After another corner in front of him, the destination was almost there. He couldn't give up like this!

Jack kept pressing the accelerator until the engine screamed, trying to catch up with Wendy. He could pass her as long as she slowed down!

Noticing the approaching kart, Wendy frowned and adjusted the steering wheel to block Jack's way.

The overtaking was blocked by Wendy's kart. Jack cursed in his heart and adjusted the steering wheel to try to pass the kart from the inner. But it seemed that Wendy saw his intention and ran into the inner road again.

Jack gnashed his teeth and turned the steering wheel sharply. The corner was close in front. Instead of stepping on the brake, he stepped on the accelerator. He turned the steering wheel very hard and tried to turn the corner.

Jack's kart didn't turn. The speed of the kart was so fast that it caused a strong centrifugal force. The rear wheel slid out of control.

"Holy crap!" In a hurry, Jack slammed on the brake and shouted.

However, the brake didn't stop the kart. The kart made two turns before it stopped.

The third person who followed Jack saw the rotating kart in front of him. He hastily slowed down the speed and slowly drove through the inner road.

Wendy turned around to look at Jack and saw that his kart had stopped. When she made sure there was no accident, she speeded up and rushed to the finish line.

The maintenance area was a combination of happiness and anger.

They were happy because Wendy broke a one-lap record again in the last lap. And they were angry because of Jack's irrational operation that caused a side slip of the go-kart.

Fortunately, the top three were farther from the following karts. If all people followed them closely, Jack's mistake would lead to a chain collision among the karts.

Before Jack came back, the coach criticized, "How could Jack make such a mistake! He has been running for tens of thousands of times on this track! "

"He needs to improve his psychological quality. Obviously, Wendy is a tough opponent for him. She has put too much mental pressure on him. He wants to surpass her." Ken said to the coach, "Have a good talk with Jack. Don't be too harsh to him. He is a rational boy. We will only need to make a clear analysis of his problem."

"Ken, you can rest assured!" The coach nodded and said.

Wendy drove her kart into the garage, and the crew had already gathered around her.

"Wendy, you really never drove a car? You did a great job just now! "

"Wendy, you broke the record again!"

"Wendy, you have been driving standardly just like what the coach had told us! Perfect! "

"Wendy, you did a good job when you start today! In the future, you should practice more at the beginning and start up, which is too crucial for one competition! "

After she finished three laps, Wendy was in a good mood. Although she didn't feel uncomfortable, everyone was concerned about her. She patiently answered their questions.

She had fooled all of them. For a girl who didn't even know how to drive but could run such a professional course, everyone could only attributed to her talent.

The title "Talented Racer" immediately became a buzz word in Dragon Racing Club.

Wendy was surrounded by a crowd of people. Seeing her face glowing with happiness and satisfaction, Harold smiled as well.

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